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Transports - What Are They?
Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue
coordinates our own transports.  Should
you like to help our email address is
Click the traveling Setter to view some
testimonials about transporting.
Click the traveling Setter
to view some
testimonials about
What Transporting is All About
A video of a few transports was made by Tiffany and
can be viewed
HERE.  It's well worth the "watch" as
it really brings it ALL home!

What we do is coordinate all the dogs coming
from  shelters and going to their foster
homes, then once adopted to their forever
homes. Now are you wondering how we
accomplish this?  

Well, get a cup of coffee, sit down and let us
tell you how this all happens.

First it all starts out when Above and Beyond
is notified of a Setter that needs to be
rescued, this Setter could be in a bad home,
could of been found running the streets,
or in a shelter.  That is when the team gets to

We map out a thing called a transport run.  
This run could cover anywhere from 120 miles
to across the entire country.  Then one of us
gets to work on finding drivers to help
out.  It is like putting together a very big
puzzle. Each driver signs up to drive anywhere
from 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes and
with the help of these wonderful volunteers,
these poor pups make their way to happier

The best part of coordinating transports is
when a new adoptive family calls us to let us
know that they have gotten their dog and it
was love at first sight.  

The Team is in contact with each driver, we
monitor the transports and if there is
anything that these drivers need we are only
a phone call away.  We like to know what is
going on with each and every driver.  The
transport could be running late or early, and
we need to keep everyone in touch with each
other.  We get calls to let us know that the
dog(s) have been handed off from one driver
to another.  Or a call if a dog is stressed,
relaxed, or anything else.

These poor pups need our help and we try to
help as many as possible. So the next time
you hear about a transport going through
your area, e-mail the transport team and see
if you can help them out.  We guarantee you
that you will meet some of the nicest people
and eternally grateful animals.

Should you like to help our email address is