Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
Sugar Grothusen
Living the good life in NJ with Jane, Ken,
Courtney, RJ AND fur brothers/sisters
Jake, Candy, Donna, Michaela
Grace (Rose) Benda
Grace has been such a wonderful addition to our family.  At first I wondered if
she would ever want to snuggle and be loved.   She adores her big brother and
imitates everything he does.  Grace loves birds, bees, frogs and everything that
moves.  Thank you A&B for this wonderful little girl.   She is VERY smart and a
fast learner.  Grace is still very scared of thunder and lightning, but she is getting
better.   She is a perfect angel and a perfect little sister for Winston.   Thank you
to everyone who helped us adopt this little angel, and all who helped get her to
Texas from Ohio.  Thank you, we love her and she loves you.
Sweetie Arndt
Sweetie loves her new fur siblings B'lue and Bogey,
her skin sibling Nick, her Mom and especially her
DAD! Her name fits her exactly because she is such
a sweetie and we love her dearly :)
Sir Lancelot Arndt
Sir Lancelot, aka Little Critter, is a very
happy baby boy who just wants to play
with his fur siblings B'lue, Bogey, and
Sweetie. He loves his skin brother Nick, his
Dad,  and is definitely Mommy's boy :)
Zoey Lontz
Zoey is a lovely tiny girl who loves her big brother Stuffie. Stuffie doesn't
look happy in this picture but he does enjoy playing with his new sister!
Lacey Peixinho
Lacy is getting more and more beautiful by the day.  Aside from her beauty
which is obvious, she is the neatest little companion a person could ever have
(even starting to behave like a little lady.)  My wife, Cindy and I just love her to
death and she is a constant companion as she comes with us to our business
every day.  Again, many thanks for sending her to us and please be sure to
know that as always I am at the service of your wonderful group.  God Speed
and keep up the great work.
Merrick came to us as a foster.  He
went into the Hounds of Prison
Education (HOPE) Program and got
adopted.  His family returned him
and he come home to us.  We
realized that it was meant to be and
so we adopted him.  He's made a
great addition to our family and we
love him and couldn't imagine our
family without him. Cindy, Matthew,
Mitchell, Michael, and Marshall
Charlie is a case of failing fostering 101.  He was promised that if he was fostered for
a year he could stay; well his year came up and he became a permanent member
here.  Charlie does have issues, but he’s a great fit here where he’s comfortable
with his surroundings.  Charlie likes spending time each day chasing shadows of
birds and barking at the groundhogs that live under the neighbors shed.
Churchill is a very sweet boy who loves the attention he gets while
attending A&B events.  He’s a typically goofy setter who also enjoys
the company of 6 other dogs and 2 cats as well as his 2 humans.  
Churchill loves the attention he gets here.
Buddy Kirkland
Buddy's only been with us for 3 weeks, but already knows -he goes where we
go!  This includes trips to our cottage by the lake where his Setter senses are on
full alert.  We love our sweet Buddy and thank A&B for bringing us together!
Christine, Dave & Buddy Kirkland
Summer Bellan
All I can say is that she is healthy, happy
and thriving . . .unbelievably loving and
affectionate! I've entered this photo in the
365 dogs calendar for 2008. She had her
eye on a squirrel in the tree beside the
deck, which is why she stayed still enough
for me to get this shot.
Thanks! Kathy Bellan
What has our Leia meant to us? A small black
ball of energy, wiggling, squirming, and yipping
for attention when my husband comes home
from work. Puppy snuggles and kisses at
night. Warm summer afternoons with all my
"girls" playing catch and fetch in the
yard--cheering when Leia jumps for the ball.
Four heads snuggled together for a nap on
the floor after a long walk down to the park. A
comforting companion during late night
thunderstorms when my husband is away. All
that and more, she is our friend. -- Shirley, Ed,
Cherylyn, Victoria, Sara, & Leia
Patches Donaldson
Patch is doing great. He has a new name,
Patches Donaldson. Patches has learned
hand signals for sit, stay, and he will go where
we point (like in from outside). Patches loves
the backyard and spends as much time out
there as he can chasing bugs and the
shadows of birds. Patches also loves sprinting
the length of the dog park- wow is he *fast*.
None of the other dogs can get even close to
keeping up with him when he decides to go
all out. He is also very loving, works as hard
as he can to fit in your lap and sleeps as close
as possible to my husband every night.
Jilly Bean Walls
Adopting Jilly Bean was the best thing that
could have ever happened to us. We
have another English Setter named Nell.
Nell and Jilly Bean have gotten along great
from the first day they met. Jilly Bean just
idealizes her big "sister". The two are so
cute together especially when they take
naps together. It is like a match made in
heaven. Jilly Bean's tail is constantly
wagging or thumping on the floor. She
loves living in Maine and likes her daily
walks in the State Park that is just 2 miles
from us and walks on the beach. Meal
time is one of the highlights of the day.
We just feel so lucky to be the proud
parents of sweet Jilly Bean.
Dixie Rose Wagner
My daughter, 5, picked Dixie out and
named her Dixie Rose Wagner
because she thought Dixie needed a
middle name. It took everyone a while
to get adjusted, but all are doing well.
Dixie is very intelligent and loving and a
great addition to the family. Dixie and
my daughter are great buds. Dixie has
a brown patch by her left eye which
Abby calls her special spot. That's
where Dixie gets all her kisses.
Willow Lehr
Willow has finally settled in and is
comfortable in her forever home, and I
couldn't be happier that we're together!  
She loves to go on walks, look for
bunnies and squirrels, and play fetch and
hide and seek with me.  She was so
anxious and nervous when she came to
me, but after lots of hard work and love,
she's become a wonderful companion.  
She is sweet, affectionate, playful, and
just fun to be around.  I love having her
in my life!  Thank you for such a great
organization, and my wonderful dog!
Jessie Petty
I can’t believe Jessie has only been with us for a few
months!  It feels like she has been a part of our family
for years.  Jessie is blossoming before our very eyes
and we have completely fallen in love with her.  Jessie
now knows that she is in her forever home and she
gets sweeter and more loving every day.  Jessie has
bonded with her mom and dad, and she no longer
acts aggressively towards Phoenix .  She has finally
figured out that there is enough love, food and toys
to go around.  Jessie hunts birds and squirrels all day
long, and in the evenings hunts geckos.  We are
crazy about Jessie, and she is part of our family now.  
This is our first time to have a ‘rescue’ dog and we
are completely sold on it.  Watching Jessie respond
to love, affection and stability has been incredibly
rewarding.  We love her so much and are very
grateful to Above and Beyond for all their help in
bringing Jessie to us
Precious Mudry
Precious loves her new fur sister Chilly and
they play together constantly. She pretty
much goes everywhere with her new family
although she still hasn’t gotten entirely used
to the idea that all the people that she now
meets are friendly and not scary. She’ll get
there with time, patience and love. She is a
super bed snuggler and frequently spends
her nights in friendly bed jousting
competitions with Chilly to see who gets to
sleep closest to her new dad.  Precious has
blossomed from a very shy, somewhat
skinny and scared girl to an absolutely
beautiful lady with her coat filling in and her
feathers busting out all over. Her skinny little
tail has become positively bushy as she starts
to grow her winter coat in! We can’t wait to
see what she looks like dancing around in the
snow this winter. Precious wants especially to
say thank you to her foster Moms Ivy and
Tammy for treating her and her puppies so
well on their road to their furever new
homes. She also wants to say thank you to
everyone at A & B for giving her the chance
to have a wonderful new life while many of
her Setter family never will have that chance.
Please find some room in your heart and
home for them.
Sally Rudnicki
Sally has turned out to be the best dog we
have ever had. Her sweet personality draws
people to her like a magnet, and she loves
all the attention and petting. She was
allowed to attend my husband's mother's
100th birthday celebration in a nursing
home in Boston at the end of August, and
is encouraged to visit there often.  She fits
our personalities and lifestyle quite well. Sally
is great with our three young grand-
children, and serves as their pet as well
whenever we get together with them.
Sally's coat is growing in thick and glossy,
and along with her new, healthy coat, there
are random spots in shades of caramel that
weren't there when she arrived last August.
She loves riding in the car with us and
travels well. Adopting an older English Setter
was certainly the right choice for us.
We adopted Shadow about a year ago.  We
changed her name to Lily as we felt it better
suited her.  Lily's favorite activities are
napping and tearing the stuffing out of her
toys.  She loves to take walks through the
local parks where she 'points' at everything
from other dogs to park benches!  Lily has a
sweet personality and is friends with everyone
she meets.  People are always stopping us
and commenting on how pretty Lily is.  Lily
has been the perfect fit to our family!
Ben Strunk
Ben is doing well and living in a home filled
with love.  Everyone who meets him says
he is cute and handsome.  He's my "little
was a puppy born to Precious, a purebred
English Setter mom).
Brice Smith
This is Brice - formerly known as
Keller.  He has been such a
wonderful addition to the family.  
This picture shows him the first time
he ever encountered a lawn water
sprinkler.  He thought it was the
best thing ever invented and spent
twenty minutes playing in the
water.  That's what pure joy looks
like.  We consider ourselves very
lucky to have him and are so
thankful to everyone at Above &
Beyond for the work they do.
Mikey has settered into our hearts and
everyone that meets him just loves
him. He gets along well with our
Chihuahua and he does not bother the
cats. We have to get a bed larger than
a queen because there is no room to
roll over anymore. Alan and Mamie  
Mikey, Chalupa, and the 3 cats
Ziggy Flint
Ziggy was an early Christmas
present.  He is absolutely the
perfect dog for our family.  He is
happiest when all his people are
home, and we are home a lot.  He
loves his duck, and going for a run,
or a ride in the truck!  
Thanks Above & Beyond!