Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Thunder Gates
Thunder was supposed to be a
"short-term foster" when I
picked him up in Cleveland, OH,
for A&B. We spent the night in a
hotel on the way home to
Indianapolis and I think I knew by
the end of that night that he
wasn't going anywhere. He now
has two Toller buddies and a
bunch of kitty friends and he
gets along with everybody.
What a great guy!
Shadow Marsh
Shadow (on the right) is a great
addition to our family.  He can be a
little devil - he has been known to
relocate items to "his" doggie bed.  
He's also definitely in the oral stage of
development - he chews nearly
everything from shoes, to the couch,
to ski poles, books, etc.  However, he
doesn't have much interest in
rawhides or other chewies meant for
dogs, with the exception of his
beloved Milk Bones.  He now prefers
to have "biscuit in bed" in the
morning, right after his morning
constitutional.  Shadow watches the
other dogs carefully and imitates
them, and has learned a lot in this
manner.  He is, quite literally, Chase's
Shadow. What a cutie!
About 6 months ago, our home was
blessed with our 3 year old "puppy",
Lady.  Everyday we have Lady we
coo and ooh & ahh like new parents.
Lady is so sweet, loves to cuddle &
gets lots of petting.  Then just as
quick as can be she is off running,
playing and hunting the birds and
squirrels.  Lady goes for many walks
and is always looking for our
neighbors who all love her and then
she gets even more attention!  We
are so grateful to A&B for bringing
such a wonderful addition to our
family, and always keep Lady's foster
mom and all at A&B in our special
Rusty!!   I decided to keep his
name given by the shelter where
he was found because it just fits
him!! I honestly can't think of a
better name.
Rusty is such a sweet boy.  He fits
so well into our family it's like
he's always been here!  His
favourite thing to do is............
SLEEP!  any chance he can get,
he is snoozing!  I am positive that
he was left at a shelter because he
"was" a "hunting" dog!!!!  
hahahaha! I laugh at the
thought......  he is not at all
interested in anything to do with
chasing after anything of any
nature!   However Rusty is a
fantastic guard dog, maybe even
a little bit over zealous on the
guard dog stand.  Hopefully we will
both be able to learn so much
more about each other over the
next years!
Rusty is definitely part of the family
Lucy Aggie Morris
Lucy came from warm North Carolina
to cold Minnesota where we get snow
even in April! No challenge is too much
for her though, and she approaches
them all with the same good natured
heart.  Not even the deafness that she
was born with has kept her from
growing happy and healthy and
capturing the
hearts of everyone she meets.

Thank you to everyone who helped
bring her into and brighten our lives!
Sam and Rica
Tucker Peterson
When we saw Tucker's picture on the A&B
website, it was love at first sight!   Tucker
is a wonderful puppy!  Tucker loves to
play with other dogs at the dog park and
is trying so hard to be friends with his new
"brother", Cooper (our cat).  Cooper is
slowly warming up and I'm sure they will
be great friends.  We have high
expectations for this sweet boy and hope
to get him into some great training
classes.  We think Tucker is so intelligent.  
Maybe one day Tucker will become a
therapy dog or a search and rescue dog!  
Thank you, A&B, for helping to bring
Tucker into our lives!   
Sam Sarisky
Sammy came to us as a foster and
then charmed his way right into the
family. Sam loves to play, run,
watch the birds and go for walks.
Sam has yet to meet a person,
animal, or a bowl of food he didn't
like. So now he is a forever member
of our pack and we are very happy
to have found him.
Daisy Mae Koontz
Daisy Mae Koontz and the rest of our
family are very happy together. As
you can see, she especially enjoys
playing with Duncan, our 4-year-old
Bearded Collie.  We are working on
obedience training, including "heel",
as taking Daisy for a walk is quite a
workout.  Thanks for helping Daisy
and us to find each other!
Bandit Wieand
Hello from the Wieand household.  We are
so happy to have Bandit with us.  He is a
sheer delight and such a good dog.   As
you can see, he and Carson (our
beagle/lab) get along like they were
brothers.  They play most of the day and
lay together most of the rest of the time.  
We could not be happier to have made this
choice and all of you were such a great
help.  I would never hesitate to come to
you again if we ever look for another dog.  
Thank you !
Shiner Dodd
Shiner still has the same name.  
Shiner was a timid, “0” disciplined
lost soul when we fostered him.  
We were very concerned how he
would behave around our old Tri-
color, Jackson and they had a little
growing pain, but Shiner learned so
much of Jack’s habits, it was
amazing.  They are the best of
buddies now and really look out for
each other.   It took Shiner a long
time to get over the timid part and
he was a bit of a slow learner.  
Now, we wouldn’t give him up for
anything.  Shiner is such sweet
guy without a mean bone in his
body.  It really shows in his
behavior how grateful he is to have
a home and family.  He really wants
to please.  Very satisfied adoption
family, Robert & Arlys Dodd
Maggie, the Setter in front, and Hank have
become best of friends and compete for my
attention.  They're my "velcro setters".  
Both came to me with pretty serious health
issues and are doing really well now.  They
seem to be trying to repay me for helping
These two are the best of friends, and spend
most of the day staring out the window and
"talking" to the squirrels and birds.  
Nubbie is now known as "Holly".  My
daughters wanted to rename her, and since
we picked her up the week of Christmas, it
seemed fitting.  Holly is doing well, although
she definitely keeps us on our toes. Her
doggie brother, Murray, my 10 yr old
Rott/Lab mix, isn't her best friend, but they
do play well together.  We have about 4/10
acre with an invisible fence, and she learned
it very quickly.  We have a hard time getting
her to come in most days, she's definitely
very birdy.
Hi! My name is Huck, and it is
short for Montana Huckleberry.
Mommy gives me at least 100
kisses a day and a daddy who is
spoiling me rotten. He is always
building or buying something for
me. I also have a wonderful
golden retriever big brother. I love
my home and my Mom and Dad!
My favorite activity is galloping
through my back woods in search
of birds. I am very funny to
watch. You can find me
navigating streams and downed
trees and getting all dirty.
Sometimes Mom attache's me to
her as she walks around doing
time of need. I may have flunked
"Hunting 101", but I get an A+ in
"Loving 406". My mom and dad
wouldn’t part with me for the
world! Sincerely, Huck
Pete Knutsen
Pete came to my family in Jan. a bit shy and
with some problems, which only made us love
him more. Pete is an absolute doll. We’ve
started to call him Sweet Pete.  Pete is an
accomplished counter surfer and takes this job
seriously. We are all going through a learning
process to help him correct this behavior. It’s
going to be a difficult habit for Pete to break
but we have confidence that he will rise to the
challenge.  Pete has two sisters, Sophie, who is
also an English Setter and Molly, who is a
Westie. Molly is the older sister and means
business when setting down the rules with
Pete and Sophie. Pete is still quite the puppy
and will become playful with Sophie. You know
how little brothers can be, but Molly is always
there to step in and set him straight. He loves
to share with Sophie and at times you will even
find them laying together chewing on the
same bone or toy, content with each other’s
company. While he’s all play in the yard, when
it’s walk time with his sisters, it’s let’s go ladies.
No window shopping. Pete loves everyone and
hopes they feel the same about him. He greets
everyone with a hardy woof and a wag of the
tail, as if to say, hey there, let’s play. He also
tells me if I’m late with daily feedings.  He’s very
punctual when it comes to feeding time and
expects everyone else to be as well. I enjoy
the morning time I spend with Pete. He just
sits and watches me as I put my make up on
in my room. It’s those moments when I know
he loves me for me and nothing more. Pete
has been a blessing for us and we are glad that
he’s joined our family.
Becky Fayden Davis
Becky's outgoing, affectionate
personality has brought great joy
into our lives.  She's a terriffic
personal trainer, and we just love
her! -- Tina & Flo, Great Falls, VA
"Clarence Clarency"
Clarence is fitting into our family very
well.  It is hard to remember life without
the boy.  He is very energetic but gets
lots of exercise.  He is awesome with the
children in fact he is like one of the
children.  Clarence loves to pop bubbles
and chases birds and flashlights.  It's
hard to get pictures of Clarence because
he tries to eat the camera because of
the flash.   He accidentally went through
the screen on our patio door and now
thinks it is his dogie door!  Life with
Clarence is a lot of fun and my entire
family loves him!!!!  He is a perfect fit for
our family!  Thank you Above and
Katie Will
Katie came to me as a foster, but I quickly
realized that she belonged right here.  She
loves her new canine brothers and feline
sisters.  She is a lady, but will play rough with
the boys. Katie loves her long walks on trails
and really enjoys her big yard, but she is
always the first one in and on the couch or
bed when I call.  She absolutely loves the
comfort of being inside, because she lived
outside with no shelter for her first two years
of life.  Katie is adored by everyone she
meets, but most of all, by me, her new mom.  
I give special thanks to A and B, and her
rescuer Mary S., who rescued her just in time.
 Katie will be spoiled rotten for all of her days.
Our English Setter, Sammi, is a
active but well behaved
indoors. Since joining us in
April, Sammi quickly adapted
to our family's activities and
our children love her.  Next
week she will start "Puppy
Kindergarten" to learn even
more about how to live with us.
Here's a picture of Lucy sunbathing this
summer.  Lucy is the ideal fishing
companion: quiet, stealthy, and she
practices "Catch, (Lick), and
Release...).  Not a day goes by that we
don't thank our lucky stars for A&B
and the work they did on Lucy's behalf!
.Marcus is sweet and very affectionate.  Marcus
loves to curl up on the couch, he knows he's not
allowed on the chairs.  Marcus loves to help me
bone chicken, no he doesn't get the bones, and
before bed, ice cream is Marcus' treat.  Marcus
has gotten quite good at helping his sister with
pre-washing the dishes before they go into the
dishwasher.  I believe Marcus is more secure
now, he is not at my heels all the time, and dozes
with Dad on the couch.  Marcus knows where
home is and that he is there.  Thank you A and B.
Chelsea Out
Chelsea was welcomed into our
have all fallen in love with her
including her "big brother" Jaxz
(our other E.S.).  Jaxz and
Chelsea get along so well
together, she follows him around
and adores him.  Chelsea is a
"cuddle bug" and loves to be as
Chelsea was welcomed into our
she can get.  She is slowly She is
slowly learning her manners and
never having a female dog
before, she truly fits the "female"
personality and traits!!!  She
loves to chase Jaxz around at
the park, as he can run circles
around her.  She loves to go
downtown for a walk even
Chelsea was welcomed into our
at the beach.  We love her so at
the beach.  We love her so
much, beach.  We love her so
she was a great addition to our
family!!!!!! Jan Out -
Carter Allegretti
Carter is home at last. As we watch him
crash and dash at full speed through
the underbrush along the footpaths in
the woods, we see a happy, happy,
dog; full of youthful energy, abundant
playfulness and deep doggie affection
for his human companions. We’re
blessed to have him.
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