Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Sophie (Scout) Knutsen
Hi' My name is Sophie. I was a rescue
but I'm an extra special rescue. I'm
deaf you see, but my new human
friend, Julie, loves me very much
despite this challenge. My furry friend
Molly didn't know what to think when
I came in her home and I was all
about playing and getting to know
her. I really really wanted her to like
me, but sometimes I got a little
pushy, but I'm better with that. Molly
is starting to like me okay. She lets
me play with her now. I really love
my new home and family. I'm so
very thankful to Tammy, my foster
mom and Above & Beyond English
Setter Rescue for finding me such a
great home and for really looking out
for me. I couldn't have found a
greater home than this if I went out
and looked myself. So if you see any
of my friends on this site that you
like, please think about us. They are
really great dogs that need a loving
home like mine. Bye for now! Sophie
Chica Yungk-Kantaweat
Chica is settling in well in her new home, and
with her sister – Lumyai (also a rescue
Setter).   Chica’s activity level belies her age (8
years) as she is a non-stop hunter when she is
outside.   We had to learn that she is also bit
of an escape artist and to keep an eye out
when the front door is open.  Inside, however
she is a relaxed quiet dog who is content to
curl up on a couch or bed and quietly let the
day pass.  She is also an affectionate girl who
loves nothing more than to be scratched and
rubbed.  We are so happy to have Chica is
here with us and to have a wonderful friend
for Lumyai.  Thanks again to all the folks at
Above and Beyond who were there to help.  
This picture is of Chica and Lumyai together
out in our yard.  Chica is behind Lumyai and
has the smile on her face.
Cheyenne Gain
Cheyenne is wonderful!  She is smart,
loving, and energetic.  She is well
behaved around all other people, and
animals.  She plays everyday with our
4 ferrets, and LOVES to play with my
mothers American Eskimo spitz.  We
go for walks twice a week, and my
daughters and I have figured out a
good system to "run" her for
additional exercise.  This system
involves treats and us standing at
opposite sides of a football field.  As
long as we each have treats, she
keeps running back and forth
between us.   She sleeps in her kennel
at night.  Her nose is always to the
ground and boy does she love her
birds.  My husband has taken her out
a couple of times and she just loves
the woods and the brushy areas.  We
are grateful and feel very blessed to
have her with us.  Our many thanks
go out to the English Setter Rescue.
Cheyenne is very well loved, and has
found herself a very permanent and
special place in our hearts and our
Fargas Bugbee
Here is Fargas Bugbee (the freckled one)
with his new family. Dixie, our first A & B
setter is on one of her many thrones
throughout the house. The westie,
Poppy Bugbee, is a rescue from a local
Adopt-a-Pet and Joy's shadow. And of
course our grandson, Zach who is
Dixie's bed partner. Why do some
setters look so sad when their picture is
taken? Fargas is happy I assure you. He
has kitchen tables and a garbage can to
get yelled away from, a small backyard
to run in, two couches, two overstuffed
chairs and a crate to hang out in, an
occasional trip to the lake and dog park,
but no live-in play mates. Dixie and
Poppy do not play for some strange
reason. Joy is now taking him to
obedience class where Fargas gets to
socialize more. He is a freckle-faced imp
with several bad habits but very lovable
and not a mean bone in his body. I
doubt if he could be any more loved
Bridget Masciarelli
Miss Bridget has been such an amazing
addition to the Masciarelli family. Her youth and
energy has brought so much happiness to all
of us.  The very sight of her spots make me
smile.  I love the way she dances with her front
feet when she is excited.  From the first day
she joined our family, her youth and energy
have been such a welcome breath of fresh air.  
Even our 14+ year old poochie, Bo, has an
added spring in his step as he and Bridget
chase each other around the yard.  Bridget
has become something of a star as she joins
us on the sidelines of the soccer field, wags her
way through my daughter's Pre-K, welcomes
every loving hand when we visit my
Grandmother in the nursing home, loves to
ride shotgun as I pick up children from
chool...and when the day is all said and done,
Bridget is ready to curl up next to you and
snuggle into cozy sleep.  Bridget Masciarelli is a
gem!  Our family will be FOREVER grateful to
Above & Beyond for bringing this amazing
creature into our lives!  We love her!!!!!  
Tona Budde
We are so happy to have Tona as part of our
family. It already feels like we've had her forever
because she fits in perfectly. By day, she chases
squirrels, chipmunk, birds and rabbits all over in
our fenced in backyard, and at night she's
snuggles up on her bed in the living room while
we hang out. She's never short on giving the kids
and us affection, and we try our hardest to give
her the love back that she shares with us. She's a
family pet and still a hunter ... my husband
recently took her to camp. She had a blast bird
hunting ... although she did not catch any birds,
but she did manage to have a run-in with a skunk
Cheri Koplin
Cheri Koplin has adjusted well in her new home
in Bethlehem, PA.  Cheri loves to lay on the
couch and snuggle.  Cheri enjoys her fenced
in back yard and playing with my son.  She
has brought joy in our lives.
Sir Byron Mullen
My rescue puppy is a love, so smart and
full of energy.  Sir Byron Mullen is growing
by leaps and bounds.  Which is also what
he does best.  I am very happy with him
and the work everyone does to make this
possible.  Thanks again June E. Mullen
Higgins Trout
Higgins fits in extremely well here.  He is such a
sweet baby.  He really loves to cuddle with us,
and sometimes I call him my Huggins boy.  
Higgins and Quincy, our other Setter, are the
best of friends now, and are constantly playing
and wrestling.  I think Higgins would make an
excellent therapy dog once he learns to curb
his excitement.  We just love him dearly.
Toby Mueller
Toby Mueller was rescued by us on October 26,
2006.  He was absolutely petrified of his new
surroundings.  Toby spent most of his life in a
kennel situation, so it took him some time to
become comfortable in his new home.
Toby is now taking daily walks, playing with his
squeaky toys and running in the yard after the
birds.  It is so cute to see his little personality
bloom.  Toby is truly a sweetie pie and we are
blessed to have him in our lives.
Lex Dooner
Lex is awesome!  He likes running and
wrestling with other dogs at the park,
including his brother Mason who was
adopted by our good friends.  He can
sit, lay down, shake, drop, roll over, play
dead and come when called (except
when distracted by other dogs).  He
loves to snuggle up on the chair with us
and sits on our feet to keep us from
leaving.  Thank you for bringing Lex to
us - Blair and I have been blessed to
welcome Lex into our family!
Penelope Boyle
Penny came into our lives on 10/15/06
after a stint in TX and LA.  She is a
"mature" gal who learned her new routine
in a matter of days.  She loves our first
setter, Trader, and looks for him when
she comes into the house.  She is eating
better to gain weight.  Penelope is a sweet
old soul who loves to be where we are in
the house.  Life is good!
Torey Bromage
Torey is a handsome, affectionate
boy with a sparkling personality. He
loves exploring along the Charles
River and visiting with his dog and
people friends on our walks. Torey
makes a perfect running
companion/trainer- slowing the pace
is not an option! He thoroughly
enjoys emptying his big toy basket
every night and spinning around
with his favorite toy duck. One of
Torey's most favorite activities is
looking out the windows watching
for cats and squirrels. Torey has
brought so much joy to my life.
Thank you, Above & Beyond and
Sheldon for making it possible.
Becca Novinger
Becca was chosen to replace my
deceased English Setter, Jill, who we
loved so much and my Lab, Jake,
missed terribly. Becca has met and
gone beyond our expectations. She
and Jake get along and play like they
were born together.  Becca is a food
and toy thief (will not touch any toys
until she sees Jake leave it to get water
etc then she glides across the floor and
takes it) Becca loves going for walks in
the morning, riding "shotgun" in the
car and snuggling with you on the
lounge chair.
Jake Shuhy
Jake has been living the "Island life" for the past
three months.  He enjoys long walks, chasing
seagulls and squirrels.  Jake has mastered
sitting, shaking and lying down.  The first week
of his new life he couldn't get the hang of his
squishy dog bed and wondered why people
kept throwing stuffed animals at him.  Now
Jake prefers to lay on soft things instead of the
floor and will play fetch.  Jake has made many
doggy friends and cannot wait for the summer
so they can all go to the doggy beach and
swim.  He really loves the water!!!  Jake is
happy here and finally settling in.
Gracie Detweiler
Gracie Detweiler is doing great.  Gracie loves
to play & run, yet is still a very affectionate
lap dog. Thank you to everyone involved
with Gracie's transfer & at Above & Beyond.
Maddie Schwartz
At the end of November we drove 4 1/2 hours
from Ontario, Canada down to Ohio to pick up
our beautiful freckled girl, Maddie.  It was love at
first sight. Our cats both give Maddie kisses, the
local squirrels and rabbits are wary.  We let Maddie
run regularly in an off-leash area, but Maddie is
careful to never let us out of her sight and
responds very quickly when called back.  Chris
has made Maddie several window seats where she
can keep her eyes open for small furry
trespassers.  Maddie has fit into our family
beautifully!  I thought it would be impossible to
replace our previous beloved dog, but Maddie is
Thank you A & B Rescue. Kate, Chris and Maddie
Scout (Duke)
We are very pleased to have Scout as
part of our family.  He is a very smart
and gentle dog. Scout requires an
invisible fence due to his hunting
nature.  I am planning to train Scout
to hunt birds in the spring in order to
fullfill his desire to hit the trails.  Thank
you A&B ES Rescue you are doing a
great service to this breed and the
lovers of English Setters. Thanks, Russ
Wrinkle Shapcott
Setter so much. She is a little
devil compared to our little
Spritzee is 6 months and
teaching 4 month old
Wrinky for us and we are
hoping she turns out just
like Spritz! We had a lovely
Christmas with our little
puppies, they got MANY
MANY gifts. They are now
officially fenced and LOVE
running, rolling, and jumping
on each other for hours in
their big fenced in backyard.
 They have both bonded
very well with each other
and are totally inseparable.
Happy Holidays, Molly and
the Shapcott family!
Jake Gustafson
Jake is adapting to his new home very well!  He is a
wonderful addition to our family- we just love him!!!
Milo Begos
Milo is happily settled into life here in the Begos
family. He insists on being kissed and hugged
and petted by each family member first thing in
the morning, and as soon as people come play
dates with a scottish terrier where they both
run til they collapse on the ground. He also
loves the dog park where he'll run with any
dog who's willing. He's fantastic on a leash and
does not pull. While walking, he loves nothing
better than finding stone walls he can jump up
on & walk across-- a game my 4 year old son
happily plays with him.  Milo spends most of his
day in the kitchen with me, but at night, after
the kids have gone to sleep and the dishes are
done he happily leaves the kitchen and jumps
on to the couch with my husband and me for
a little tv time.  We can hardly imagine life
without this fantastic dog!
King Ralph
Our home visit was scheduled on Jan 6th
and  Ralph was brought over for us to
meet. Ralph came right in and made himself
at home.  I have never met a dog with so
much personality.  The short version of the
story is, Ralph never went back to his
foster home   He stayed and has become a
member of our family.  Ralph is funny, and
loving and the most gentle dog I have ever
met.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his
body.  He LOVES his "people" and is never
more then a few steps away from us.  He
loves to ride in the car, go for long walks
and just hang out with his greyhound
buddy Chase.  He has brought a new
"energy" to our home and we love having
thank the A & B Group enough for bringing
Ralph into our family.  Ralph is settling in
nicely and I think he is starting to realize
that he has found his "furever" home.  
Everyone that meets Ralph can't believe
what a great dog he is............and we can't
agree more!
Elizabeth Isabella
Elizabeth Isabella (aka Lizzie Izzie) is
having a blast! The kids have a new
playmate and fight over who gets to
take care of her. Consequently, she
gets a lot of attention. She's getting
huge and is extremely fast. This dog
loves to run and to be outside. She
thinks every jogger is her personal
running buddy. She's still trying to
make friends with the cats, who, of
She's taking obedience classes. She's
great at sit and is learning heel, but I
can't wait until we get to "Come!"
Thanks for all of the work you did
with her. You gave us a great start.
Be assured she's much loved and
cared for. The Kraft's
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