Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this is not always
the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our best to ensure that all the dogs
needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd like to share, we'd
love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your information with the A and B family.  
Chance (Samie) Bush
Chance is doing well here in the Bush
Family. He is getting along with
everyone. From left to right Tyler
holdind Dit Dat, Ian holding Patty
Cake, Chance, Tyler our friend holding
Kitty and Deogi in front of him. We
even got the fish in there. Chance and
Deogi have a great time playing and
romping in the yard. Chance is a very
sweet and gentle boy. We love him.
Ellie VanDemark
Ellie has settled into her new life here
with her 5 fur siblings very well.  She
still avoids Topaz, the "mean kitty"
at every turn, but that's to be
expected.  Cassie and GingerMary,
two of our other cats, are warming
up to her and they like to wind their
way through her legs.  Cody, the
last kitty, is still wary of her, but he
can be timid.  Chester, our other
A&B baby, and Ellie just love to run
and play chase and ball in the yard.  
Ellie has also been nicknamed the
Escape Artist.  She likes to escape
from our large fenced in yard by
climbing over.  It's been a challenge,
but we do believe we have it figured
out.  Ellie has put on some weight
and her coat is getting more lovely
"orange" spots all the time.  
Everyone who meets Ellie says what
a little sweetheart she is and we just
love her!  Thank you once again
A&B for helping us find another
wonderful member of our family
Sammie Couturier
Sammie is our little cuddle bug. She
is quite the character and will be a
great representative of her breed
when we take her to rescue events
with us. I don't know how
someone could have dumped her
in a shelter to end her days. She
loves to give us Sammie-kisses.
Sadie Miller
Sadie has been totally spoiled in the
month that she's been here.  She
loves to play with my three year
old daughter, Gabrielle.    Sadie has
a big basket filled with toys and
bones. One of my favorite things
to do is cuddle her in bed at night.  
Sadie is very curious about
everything and we recently
discovered that she likes musical
instruments.  Whenever my
husband plays his guitar she likes
to sit beside him and watch.   
Another thing she likes to watch
are the fish in my fish tanks.  She
follows me wherever I go and she
usually lays by our feet when we're
sitting.  She is very loyal and very
loving.  We love her so much
already we just can't wait to see
what else she has to show us.
Hershey (Rebel) Cusimano
Hershey is settling in well.  We are
working on getting Hershey to learn
that he can trust everyone else as well
as me.  Outside is one of his favorite
places to be.  Hershey loves to go for
walks and goes nuts when you simply
show him his leash. He runs to the
door and jumps around, on the door,
on me, etc. Hershey loves to ride in
the car and is so well behaved. We are
all very much in love with Hershey and
enjoy seeing him emerge more and
more every day from the frightened
boy he was. Socialization is a big issue
with him so now he gets to go
everywhere with us! Hopefully
Hershey will continue to realize that we
will never hurt him...that he is safe and
loved very much
Jesse Kaiser
Jesse is living the good life with us.  
She's tiny for an English Setter (a
mere 29lbs), but she sure is one
fireball of energy!!   Jesse is an "only
child" so she is being spoiled rotten
and loving every minute of it.  Her
favorite things to do are go for walks,
play with her toys, and snuggle when
it's time to go to bed.  We can't
imagine our family without her...she is
such a happy little dog and we
absolutely adore her.
Stella Gallagher
Stella began her journey from Louisiana
and landed in Englishtown New Jersey.
She instantly became a family member.
She loves our other dog Carla and
adores my ten year old son.  I think she
came to us for a reason….to be happy!
Clue Smith
My name is Clue. When I was first
rescued, I was very lost and very
scared.  It appeared I was a behavior
problem. Since going to my furever
home, my true self has been
uncovered. My mom brags about me all
the time now! She says I’m the bestest,
intelligentest, sweetest, prettiest Setter
ever and absolutely the most naturally
well behaved. She feels very blessed to
have me sharing her home.
Emmet Aaron
Bonnie told me she thought Emmett would be
a good fit in my household, as I have cats.  
Emmett has worked out wonderfully and I am
so thankful for him.  I have two Irish Setters
and a Gordon Setter and always wanted to
complete my Setter collection with an English.  
Emmett is such a sweetheart, very good with
the other dogs and so affectionate with my
husband and myself.  He doesn't know he's a
little too big to be a lap dog.  From day one
there was never any fuss with introductions to
the other dogs and we are one big happy
family.  Thank You Above And Beyond English
Setter Rescue!!
Colby (Brett)
Colby is doing well and fits right in at our
home. He is a sweetheart. Colby and
Gabby are the best of friends and get
along great together as you can tell from
the picture. Colby has completed basic
obedience and placed second in his class of
15. He is now completing therapy dog
training and will be certified as a Bright and
Beautiful Therapy Dog and will also have
his Canine Good Citizen. He loves to go to
work at the nursing home and the
residents and staff adore him.  He has
been a great addition to the family. Thanks
to Above and Beyond for rescuing this
great dog!  
Hoover Bielawski
Hoover's been with us since April 2,
2006 and has settled in quite well.  He
just loves the backyard and is crazy
about the deer that roam around our
area!  He gets along well with our
other dog, an English Pointer,
Sausage.  Our 7 year old daughter,
Urszula, loves to play with both dogs.  
This is a great new love affair for
Anna, which means her husband has
reason to be jealous!  Hoover loves to
take trips and rides well in the back of
our wagon.  We look forward to the
annual picnics and meeting other
setter owners and their dogs.
Olivia Belle Sivits
Hi, all! Olivia Belle here.  I am now in my
furever home with Joe & Sandy.  I go to
the park every day and I get lots of lovin'
from my parents.  I haven't met my new
brother yet (he's at field school)- but he
has great toys and they are now mine too
- his honking duck is DA BOMB!  I hope he
doesn't mind sharing.  I'll let you know how
it goes meeting Cowboy.   I'm still settling
in and Mom has quiet talks with me telling
me what I have to change (like going
potty in the house).  I waited until they got
up this morning and Dad took me right
outside.  So that's how it works... The food
here is good - Mom 'cooks' for me each
night - some yummy food in a gravy and
I'm up to 50#. Mom has sooo many
different treats and biscuits that I might
have to start watching my weight.
Bandit Monday
Bandit is a beautiful dog with a great
disposition.  Although he is still trying to get
used to the two cats, otherwise he has
settled in very well with Holly & Don
Monday.  Bandit constantly visits the bird
feeder in the backyard and the birdhouse in
the front yard looking for action!  Amazingly,
he hasn't chewed anything up, he doesn't
bark much, and he doesn't beg.  He is
happy to eat his dry food and loves to go
for walks.  We are enjoying him very much.
Merci Broadwin
Merci is a woderful girl! She came to us
as a foster and we soon knew she was a
great fit with our pack...She has two fur
brothers and a fur cat to keep her
company and loves the constant flow of
the foster dogs that pass through. She
loves talking back to you, she eats her
vegetables, and she is very affectionate.
Buddy Bing McConnell
Buddy is such a joy to have around! He
greets us every morning with a toy in his
mouth, talking & smiling from ear to ear!  
When we got him he had very little hair due
to fleas & allergies. His foster parents had
gotten him on the right track - as you can
see, his hair has come in beautifully!  He's
best friends with his sidekick Leah, our 2
year old English Springer Spaniel. He's
having the time of his life camping every
weekend. As soon as the car is hooked up,
he just lays by the door, waiting patiently
for the magic words - Let's go! He's so great
with everyone he meets - kids at the
campgrounds always come to say hello.  
He's always the gentleman.  We're very glad
Bonnie sent him to us. I think he's glad, too!
Berkley Holstein
Berkley is doing very well.  He is rapidly
adjusting to his new home and gets along
well with his two new brothers.  He is
attached to Mignon and sleeps in bed on his
back with all fours in the air.  He loves to sit at
the window and watch the birds.  He's
learning how to walk on lead.  Berkley is a
very intelligent boy and a great guy.  It took
him about 10 seconds to learn how to sit and
to shake hands.  Berk loves Eukanuba Lamb
and Rice.  We are going to get invisible fence
for Berk.  He seems like a big-time hunter and
will enjoy running around a big yard.  He's
very athletic.  I hope to give him the
opportunity to swim at a dog pool.  I can't
believe that two different people gave him up.
Barley Lusk
Barley has adapted quickly to life with
Ken and Alison Lusk in rural
Pennsylvania. The day after he was
adopted, Barley sat quietly to watch
two fawns sprint and leap into the air as
they played together in the back yard.
Chasing butterflies and walking on a
leash around the development are two
of his favorite activities. He is quite
enamored with a sociable black cat in
the neighborhood, although the cat isn’
t sure what to make of this eager new
puppy. Affectionate always and calm
most of the time, Barley makes an
impression on the people he meets.
Skye Nolt
Skye travels and does very well in the trailer.
We had her to Yellowstone. Skye is doing
very well for us, is very good in the house
and interacts well with our cats. Skye is a
Llyellen Setter from what everyone tells us
and we are doing more research with that.
Skye is a wonderful dog and is getting spoiled
everyday. Thank you to the rescue for
considering us as parents and we do tell
everyone we meet about the organization.
Keep up the good work and we will keep you
posted on Skye's progress.
Daisy Mallet
It's hard to believe that Daisy, a 7 year old
English Setter, who has been with us since
mid-May, ever earned her keep as a huntress.
Daisy has settled in remarkably well for a dog
kenneled outdoors her whole life.  We had
some issues with chewing and housebreaking,
but using the crate kept Daisy right on track.  
She and our other rescue, a 9 year old
Golden Retriever named Ollie, get along really
well.  We love to watch them mock battle!  Of
course, they do lots of snoozing together.  
Daisy is a typical English Setter - always wants
to nuzzle you and put her face next to yours.
As soon as you lie down or sit down, she is
thrilled to cuddle next to you.  She follows us
from room to room and shares the foot of
our bed.  Even more importantly, she now
shares our life.
Susie Rhoney
Susie is doing great and she is such a
sweetie.  This picture was taken
around the first of July.   Susie and
Bailey have decided  they do not like
the dog days of summer!  And the 2
of them are enjoying the indoors and
staying cool....both are spoiled
children!  Susie is such a good girl!   
We are really enjoying Susie and feel
very lucky to have found such a cute
and loving little girl.
Willow Nelson
Willow is doing great. Her favorite toys are a
plastic flower pot and rocks. This must be a
result of the English Setter/Lab mix because
we have neighbors with a Lab and she also
loves rocks. Although, she is still quite a bit
smaller than her natural siblings she is getting
taller every day. She has been a great
influence on her adopted older sister, a Collie,
and brother, a Beagle/Basset who enjoy
playing with her.
Ruby Royer
Ruby is now about 4 months old and living in
Central PA close to Williamsport. This picture was
taken at my parents cabin in Somerset, PA. She
loves car rides, walks, chasing kitties & splashing in
the pond! She truly was meant to be part of our
Mallory Chartier
Mallory is a bird or butterfly watching
dog and loves to chase them. Mallory
is top dog. Mallory is loved.  She's a
wonderful addition to our family and
everyone loves her.  Thank You!
Cassie Kaminski
Look at me I am happy as can be. My
new family loves me so much. My Mom
was looking for just the right new
member for the family and she found
me. I play with my new sister dog and I
I am learning that the bird is not to
catch but a family member too. It is not
easy when you are a birdie dog. I am a
very lucky dog and I am very much
loved. I hope all my dog friends can find
a forever home. Cassie and her family.
Kyle Campbell
"Kyle" is doing very well.  We are very
lucky, hopefully he thinks the same.  At
the moment, we call him "Puppy".  We
started calling him this until we could
decide what we were going to call him.  
It looks as if we are getting too
comfortable calling him puppy.  He
answers to it, and it feels good to us.  
Unorthodox yes, but not boring.  
Puppy is a very good, happy, sensitive,
loving dog.  Again, we are very lucky.
Abby Woodcome
Abby who is as happy and
high-spirited as they get! She is a
runner so we spend a lot of time
outdoors and she LOVES her ball - we
frequently catch her snoozing around
the house with it still in her mouth! Her
deafness hasn't given us a moment of
pause and for anyone considering
adopting a deaf dog, it is actually a
blessing in disguise since she isn't
rattled by the noises that rattle most
dogs and she rarely barks. We are able
to communicate easily using a few
basic hand signals which has been a
fun learning experience for all of us!  
Thank you to everyone who helped
bring Abby into our family!
Winner (Winston) Adams
Winner ( aka Winston ) has been with us
bonded with Betty and me and time us
Winner ( aka Winston ) has been with
enough to learn our large, open design
enough to learn our large, open design
house. When he first got here he just
wanted to find a quiet corner to hide.
Now he has taken ownership of the
place and everything he can see from
the deck. We live in a quiet area, so he is
now allowed some free time off-lead.
Commands need to be firmed up and
that's something we'll work on in the
next few months.  He is still frightful of
loud noises and sudden moves,
although improving gradually. Hopefully
that will continue to improve. Betty and I
think the world of our Winner. He's a
beauty! Many thanks to all of the A & B
people who played a part in giving him
the chance to experience some very
enjoyable life -- John
Buoy Roethke
Buoy is wonderful and we love him so
much, he has brought so much fun &
energy into our home. Buoy's list of
accomplishments in such a short time
with us is outstanding, from learning his
new name, to now being
potty trained, he has learned to fetch,
but one of the biggest accomplishments
at least I feel is that he now makes it all
the way through the night with out
having to get up every hour for a potty
break. He loves to go
boating, tent camping, run and play on
the sand and he swims like a fish. We
can not say enough about what Buoy
has done in our home to brighten up
our lives. I thank you all for what you
have done for us. Jim, Lisa, Kelly, Jarrett
and of course we can not forget the
Roethke Pack
Pawn Davis
Pawn has adjusted well to living
with our family.   She loves the
kids, although our son is her
favorite, plays all day with our
other dog, 3 year old beagle-KC,
and tentatively respects the cats'
dominion over the house.  She is
such a fast learner, she quickly
learned the rules and a couple of
tricks, as well.  We just got home
from the beach and Pawn loved
it.  Pawn wasn't sure what to
think about the surf, but she
enjoyed swimming and playing in
the deeper water.  She enjoyed
digging in the sand the most,
though. She met a lot of new
people, and her favorite greeting
is to roll on her back and *ahem*
 pee on them.  I can't tell you
how many people had to go
home and change after meeting
our Pawny.  We'll have to work
on that.  Thank you for helping
to bring Pawn into our family.
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