Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this is
not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our best to
ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd like to
share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your information with
the A and B family.  
Bogie Arndt
Bogie is a real sweet boy and is
fitting in well with his fursiblings
B'lue, BogeyBoy & Ida
Mufasa Shaffer
Mufasa, now lives with JoAnne and
Bob and has adapted to life in the
country.  He likes curling up by the
fireplace after a good work out. The
family sends their thanks to
everyone who helped them find this
special boy.
Sabrina (Brina)
Sabrina (Brina) is doing just great and fits
right in. She feels like a Queen around
here and wakes the kids up by licking their
faces. This has truly been a wonderful
experience and I wouldn't think twice
about doing it again.
Happy Will
Happy has come a long way to find his
forever home. I believe I fell in love
with him long before I met him. Happy
is one exceptional dog and I am very
thankful that we found each other.
Lady Witcraft
Anyone involved with A and B, who met
Lady knew she was a very special girl.  
The Witcraft's met her on a rainy day in
Harrisburg and fell in love.  Lady now
lives in MD and takes turns sleeping in
each of the 3 children's beds. She has
stolen 5 more hearts, it seems.
Victor Fawkes Smith
He’s a jewel. You couldn’t
pry him away from me. He is
not just a sweet dog, he is a
companion. Wonderful,
marvelous, fantastic,
incredible, better than I ever
expected, match made in
Buddy Jorgenson
Buddy is coming along. He loves the car,
he loves shopping (especially at Pet’s
Mart where he gets to go in), he is such
a gentle dog and basically very well
behaved.  Buddy loves our cats, and
even sleeps with them. Here is a picture
of Buddy –  he wouldn't leave my side
once I had the camera in my hand so it
was hard to get a picture of him.  He is
sort of my Velcro dog.
Flora is wonderful! She has grown
so much and filled out I wonder
about her age.  She is a beauty,
now extremely outgoing and very
smart, much smarter than  Burton.
They are great buddies. She also
enjoys 6 a.m. wrestling matches
with 13-year old Daisy.  Flora has
taken over for Daisy as the Chief
Watchdog yet is very curious and
friendly whenever someone new
comes in.  A plush squeaky toy will
keep her busy for hours.
Winston Bugle Hills
We renamed Bugle Winston after Mr.
Churchill. Everyone is doing pretty well.   
This picture of Winston and Daniel is a
favorite because you donated Winston to
us for Daniel.  Daniel is often ill, and this was
a day where he had woken up the night
before saying his ear “hurt a little.”  When
we took him to the doctor we found out
he had ruptured his eardrum from a severe
infection.  He has a REALLY high pain
tolerance.  Anyway, Winston stuck by his
buddy all day and helped make Daniel’s sick
time much less lonely.
Faith Smith
Faith came all the way from
Georgia in August of 2005. Faith
loves just laying on her new
couch bed and being taken care
of. She doesn't ask for much and
is so lovable.  As her foster family,
we felt Faith had been through
enough and that she didn't need
to make any more changes and
she became a member of our
family for good.  She is very
patient with her many siblings and
her skin siblings.  We feel very
lucky to have Faith in our lives.
Snickers Flowers Demchak
I want everyone to see the tough life
Snickers now has -- ha ha.  Everyone is
doing very well. Snickers was a year old
on 12/21.  I even heard that Santa made
some deliveries for Snickers.  She is a
healthy 37 pounds, very strong, and
loves to play in the snow.  She looks like a
rabbit jumping around in the snow and
loves to chase any small critters.  She
truly has a personality of her own and it
keeps us laughing at times.  
Cobol Jorgensen-Tolles
Cobol…has settled in quite
nicely.  He gets right on top of
where he wants.  Sitting on
Abby seems to be his favorite
space, especially when it means
he can be close to Ron.  He
loves hunting – he is a gem in
the field according to Ron and is
really enjoying the experience.
Scout & Ally Majestic
These are two of the happiest and most
fun dogs you will ever find. Plus, they love
each other beyond belief. Scout is 7 1/2
and acts like 2. Ally is about 2.  We live in
northern Michigan and they are seasoned
travelers, going everywhere with me and
Ranger.  I think these rescue dogs really
appreciate a second chance in life and in
Scouts case, second, third and fourth
chance for the good life. They are truly
great dogs.
Bonnie Augustine
Bonnie is doing great and has
adapted very well to everyone.  She
loves the snow.  Bonnie is now able
to be left off her leash when we are
outside to join in the snow-ball
fights.  She loves catching snow in
her mouth.  We have had Bonnie
now for almost 2 yrs.  Bonnie was
given a Guardian Angel tag because
she is not a Setter,  however, she
was found with a Setter.  I have
been told by vets that she is a
Bermise Mountain Dog.  
Jenny Eichholz
Thank you all at A&B so much for
helping us find our Little Jenny.  
This picture is of Jenny & Miss
Molly, Jenny is on the left.  The
work you do is a wonderful thing.  
I'm not sure which of us is more
happy.  She is a very sweet little
girl who tries so very hard to be
so good.  She loves to cuddle and
snuggle, but most of all she loves
to use her puppy energy playing
in the field with her sisters Miss
Molly and Shadow.
Milo Morgera
Milo is doing great, we are just crazy
about him.  He is so funny and active,
he gets along very well with our 4 year
old border collie Molly. We have a senior
dog named Teddi who is still the boss of
the pack. This picture is of Milo and
Teddi.  We have two teenage boys and
he takes turns sleeping in their rooms at
night.  He is getting used to our routine
and really is an easygoing, happy dog.   
Thanks for having a wonderful
organization that helps so many
homeless dogs.
Dora Davis
Dora is doing great! She has adapted
very well to her new home. She likes
to play chase with her 2 cat siblings
and loves to cuddle with her human
sister Kayla.  She likes to go for long
runs at the park and chase up the
deer and rabbits. She also likes to visit
all our neighbors and already has been
spoiled by our next door neighbor
that likes to come and take her for
long walks while she is home alone
during the afternoon.  Thank you
very much for bringing her to our
Austin Miller
Austin Miller is happy in his new
home.  He has a sister Kahlua
who is an English Mastiff and the
two hit it off from the start.  
Austin has Mommy on a routine
for treats and like all big sisters
do, Kahlua prompts Austin to ask
for treats whenever she wants
more.  Austin had his first visit to
his new veterinarian on February
25th and we are happy to report
that he is in good health.  Austin
loves the invisible fence, he can
bird and squirrel watch while he
runs all around the yard and
stays safe at the same time.  
Everyone who has met him has
fallen in love.  We are very
grateful to Above and Beyond
for the work they do.  Austin has
brought many blessings to all of
us already.  Thank you.  Austin’s
Forever Family, The Miller’s.
Buddy Meyer
Buddy has been making himself at home
here.  At first he was afraid of the leash
and would cower and hide when we got
it out to walk him.  Now, when he sees
us get the leash and put on coat, he
runs anxiously to the door and can't
wait to 'go out'.  He absolutely loves to
chase balls - the more the better!  We
take him to the park for walks and he
enjoys meeting other people and dogs.  
He also loves sitting on our laps, or as
close as he can possibly get next to us
(note the picture of my son doing his
schoolwork!)  He seems to be very
happy, and he is such a great additon
to our home!
Gretchen "Gretel" Sanborn
Gretchen Sanborn has really
settled in nice.  Gretchen and my
cat Tabitha are best friends.  
Tabitha follows her everywhere. I
even left Gretchen loose for 3
hours yesterday when I went to
run errands.  She was good the
entire time.  We are working on
manners.  She listens very well.  
She is starting to trust and bond
with me.  She follows me
everywhere.  She even knows
how to let me know she has to
go potty.  She either sleeps in the
bed with Tabs and I or on her
bed on the floor.  She is quite the
cuddle bug.
Patchy Dougherty
Patchy is a sweet dog. We had a couple of
bumpy spots, but now that we have all
figured out our boundaries, (the cat is still
queen) we are getting along fine.  Here's a
picture of the family (minus me). Patchy's
"sisters" name is Missy. They are about the
same age in people years, and don't like to
share their bowls of food. Patchy is getting to
go outside a lot with us. I think it's more
because he doesn't like being scolded. Scott
has been home all week doing things around
the house, so that has been an added bonus.
 It appears that Patchy likes it here.
Cooper is now 55lb and
likes to romp in the yard.  
Cooper's smiling after
clearing the fence for
squrrels.  He is a terrific
dog, playes ear tag every
day with our 8 year old
Setter Meg after they eat
dinner often out of the
same bowl.
Digby Carvahlo
Digby is settling in to life in the Big Apple.  He
LOVES the dog park at Union Square and has
made many friends there, both canine and
human.  He has become a local celebrity ever
since his appearance on NY1, the local news
channel.  During the big snowstorm, Digby
couldn't get enough of playing in the snow.  A
film crew taped him running around and then
interviewed us.  We were on TV all day, and
Digby has been lapping up the papparazzi ever
since.  We've started school and he's already at
the head of his class.  So he's doing great and I'm
so happy to have him as a member of my family
Zoe Norinsky
Zoe was found as a stray in Ohio and is
settling nicely into city life and the nearby
park. Happy as an only child, outside she is
Zoe, Park Ranger, whose job is wildlife
detection and collection. Among people
she's a delicate, gentle girl who loves to give
kisses, be held and to bound onto the bed
like a tiny gazelle with a feather-like landing.
Bertie Hoffman
We have now had the joy of having Bertie as
a family member for about 4 months, and I
can't imagine life without her. We walk every
morning at dawn and every evening after
dinner. Despite my early promises to my
husband to not allow it, she is now my 54 lb
lap dog, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I can't go anywhere in the house without her
Bert came to us already very well trained. .
She may chase a squirrel up a tree or take off
after one of the wild goats or deer, but she
always look back to make sure I am in her
sights and comes quickly back when I call. All
in all, she has been the most blessed and
wonderful addition to our family. Thanks to all
of you that are so dedicated to these amazing
furry friends for helping to make these
adoptions possible.
Dixie Bugby
She has long slender legs,  under such a well
built body. She can talk to you without saying
She eyes. Her hair is silken and flowing. She
walks with an air of confidence. And she has a
seductive way of simply looking at you with
an invitation to come to couch and sit. She is
Dixie, our newest family member. She joins
Poppy our West Highland White Terrier and
Zachary our grandson.  Barks when the
doorbell rings.  How lucky can we be? Bill had
forgotten how nice it is to have a setter
around the house. But Joy didn’t. A regal,
most loving princess who occupies her throne
(couch) inviting all to come and chat.
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