Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this is not
always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our best to ensure
that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd like to
share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
JuneVanDemark and she will share your information with the A
and B family.  
Candy Cote
Candy went to Scott and
Tracy. Good thing Candy is
already adopted, because she
sure is a sweetheart of a dog.  
What a great family and a
great dog!-- Sandra Hobbs
Casey (Daisy Mae) Smith
It was love at first sight for
Carmen and me. Daisy (now
Casey) was very friendly, and is
making herself right-at-home.  
We drove the 500 miles round
trip to pick up our girl. Where
there is a will, there is a way and
she is definitely worth it! My
sincere thanks to all of the
wonderful, amazing people who
made this happen.
Sincerely, Carol
Phoenix Lussow
This is a picture of Phoenix at his lake home.  He is
over his lymes, on special herbals for life, likes to
sleep on recliner with Lilly and loves the dock and
the wind blowing in his face!  This year we have a
pontoon boat so it will be right up his alley.  We will
have to buy him a visor hat for the boat as he
already has a swim vest!  He sleeps on the bed with
me every night, head on the pillow of course, and is
everything we could have ever wanted.  When
they all get playing they sound like they are killing
one another while they jump, run and have a great
time. Thank goodness I have a great room for my
living room, dining room and kitchen as they run
the full distance to play.  Thanks for the wonderful
Reilly Smith
Reilly is doing great! He is the
best natured dog I think we
have ever had. He is so loving
and a big goof! He loves all
people and other animals. He
loves to go swimming in the
pond. He is something else and
is adored.
Devon Perrulli
Devon loves to be outside, chasing bees, butterfly's,
and anything that moves. He also loves to be
cuddled at night, when we are watching TV. .
Anyone who visits our home, also find him extremely
Ruff Hayduk
We got incredibly lucky with
this boy. He is high-energy, but
high in affection, too. He's
smart, totally trainable, and fit
right into our family in no time
flat. As more people meet Ruff,
they are astounded by his
loving behavior and willingness
to please. We would have ten
more of these dogs, if they
could all be like Ruff!
John Henry Principati
Me with my new mom Cathy and my
new sister Ciera.  My new Mom came
to visit me and, fell head over heels in
love with me. " She has a cat named
Pumpkin and girl dog named Ciera
and she just knew that they needed a
big brother to keep them company.
This is definitely doggy heaven.
Thank you A&B for making my story
a happy ending.  -- John Henry
Henry Haverson
Henry is an extremely sweet boy who,
like his brother, Winston, is deaf.  
Henry has already learned several
hand signals although I find it harder
to train him as the two dogs are
forever clowning together and I hate
to separate them!  Henry enjoys
regular trips to the dog park and
stays very close by my side. Still, he
gets very excited when we pull out
the leash signaling a dog park run.  
Henry is a dear and we are very
happy to have him as part of our
Mary McDowell
Mary is doing fantastic!  She has really
adjusted well to sister Abigail (Yellow lab)
and cousin Bear (Black lab mix).  She has
given all the local wildlife a run for their
money: squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and
frogs. She loves to chase frogs in the fish
pond. She has caught several, but she
does not hurt them.  She carries them
around. We keep trying to explain to her
that she is a "bird dog".
Sullivan Vadnais
Mark & I adopted Sullivan in August.
We love Sullivan so much (he is like
one of our children).   Sullivan is the
baby at just  year old.  Sullivan
thinks that the other animals are his
personal play toys. They all get
along so well you would think the all
grew up together.
Annie Prince
Miz Annie arrived in my life in July 2005,
after the death of my longtime beloved
dog Liza. Annie and Liza had so much in
common (lovely, sweet personalities and
general friendliness and love of life) that at
first I thought Annie was channeling her
predecessor! She seemed right at home
from the first day, as spread her toys
around my house and curled up on the
comfy chair. She has increased in energy
level and stamina when we go for walks.  
She is a sweet, devoted, smart, loving dog
-- and I can't imagine who would possibly
have dumped her at an animal shelter.
Their loss -- my gain!
Chester Carter
(Sir Bellamy)
Chester (formerly Sir Bellamy) loves  to
snuggle on these cold Vermont nights
in bed with us and he's already  
bonded with our other setter, Ruger
and they are partners in crime
tormenting squirrels. Anna and Keegan
Maggie Krzywicki
Maggie is doing so well.  We had
her at the vet last week and she
has gained 3 pounds!  She is
wonderful with our kids and our
friends.  She seems really
comfortable with us as we are with
her.  She is a great addition to our
family and we are so glad she is
here.  Thanks for all of your help in
getting Maggie to our home.
Samson Sliom
Samson is doing great!  He really is a
wonderful setter, we have bonded very
quickly, and he follows me around
everywhere.  He is very well behaved,
and respectful, and loves to spend time at
the dog park and dog beach where he
can run around a play with all the other
dogs.  Sam seems to love everyone, and
everyone that meets him, loves him.  He
really is a sweet boy!
Hank Bissel
Hank is the first dog I've adopted who was
more puppy than elder statesman.  He really
keeps me on my toes, and shoeless.  Seems
he has to have every shoe I own either in
his bed or hidden under some piece of
furniture.  His trickster personality is coming
out now that he's feeling better.  What a
joy he is to have around. --John Bissell
Douglas T.
Kathleen and I are just thrilled
to have Douglas T. in our
lives!!  He is the Cuddliest and
Wiggliest dog I have ever
known.  I can't imagine life
without this sweet boy...  He is
completely endearing.
Danny & Molly Rocchio
Danny & Molly are the sweetest, most spoiled
and most adored English Setters on the
planet!They get along famously, aside from
sibling squabbles; otherwise known as "playing
too rough and biting." Although Molly is our
newer baby, she seems to be the head honcho,
and usually wins at their games.Molly is quite the
princess and when she first arrived wanted
nothing to do with going out in the rain. They
are real lovebugs, and sleep in the most adorable
positions.  I can't remember what is was like
without them, we LOVE them soooo.... very
Ruby Belanger
Ruby could not be more sweet and loving.
She has adapted quite quickly to her new
Florida environment and loves to play in her
safe fenced in yard where she enjoys lots of
unusual creatures she has never seen
before. Ruby has brought joy and laughter
to our home and we can't thank Above and
Beyond Rescue enough for bringing her to
us. She has quickly become a faithful and
loving companion.
Maureen and Paul Belanger
Palm Coast, Fl.
Chester VanDemark
Chester is settling in well.
Chester's favorite part of his
"furever" home is the large
fenced in backyard.  He loves
to run and chase the squirrels
and chipmunks.  Our flower
gardens will never be the same
again. : )   He's started
obedience school and is
learning some patience and
how to wait for things.
Everyone in the family who
meets Chester just loves him.  
June's niece and nephews just
can't stop talking about him.  
They love his long ears and the
feathers on his legs and tail!
Bruno Bettles
Bruno is a big loving goof. You'd never think his
mother was a Setter, until he sees a rabbit or
even a butterfly and points at it. He has made
the perfect companion for our lab Eddie and
we just simply love this big puppy to bits!  
Thanks,  Jeanette
Tammy & Taylor Sullivan
These pups were adopted by the
family of one of our rescue-
friendly vets in the summer of
2005.  Dr. Dan reports that the
pups and girls are doing great and
often sleep in a big pile together.
Tessie is doing fine.  She is learning to walk on a
leash like a pro and she is sporting a new collar
with her name and phone number printed on it.  
She and Sandy, my adopted German Shepherd,  
love running in the yard and they get along just
great. Everyone wants to know where they can
find another sweet natured dog like these two fur
buddies.  This is my granddaughter, Rebecca,
talking plans with Sandy and Tessie.
Chipper Leitt
Chipper is just the sweetest boy and, we're
learning, very smart and inventive.  He loves
attention and knows how to get it even
when he's outdoors asking to come in.  This
is Katie on the left and Chipper on the right.  
They just love to lay in bed and look out the
window.  What a life.-- Pam and Chuck Leitt
Belle Remm
Belle with new mom and dad,
Mary and David.
Shiloh Adams
Shiloh became a permanent resident of the
Catskill Mountains in October 2005.  He is loving
the life of a beloved family member who gets to
spend plenty of time in the fields and woods
Moss Anselmo
Moss moved to LA right after Katrina
and is a very happy dog.  We call her
the "working dog".  She gets up and
stays out practically all day hunting.   
When we drag her inside all she wants
to do is go back outside.    She is like a
baby when she gets tired because  her
eyes turn red.  She is everything and
more that I could have asked for.
Nora Banas
Nora is living the life of luxury with
her Mom and the rest of the pack.
Birdie Jenkins
Birdie Jenkins is very happy at his new home on Johns Island, SC.  He runs all
about the farm chasing squirrels and birds and he LOVES to tromp through
the saltwater marsh after marsh hens and other  birds.  He comes out a filthy
mess but he loves it so its OK!  He couldn't be happier. Thanks for all you do
with this! I am addicted to rescue dogs!
Nando Milowski
Nando has very much settled in.  He is a very
happy, very loving member of the family.  He
is loved by every one that he meets, including
his new brother Wille.  He CAN learn very
quickly, but he does try to resist at times.  
Nando is a wonderful pet and a pleasure to be
with.....thanks again
Abner Will
Wow, everything has changed from my name
to my address.  My new name is Abner (the
Setter with the reflective collar), and these are
my new brothers.   Since my foster mom
adopted me, I have been very busy running
laps around my new yard, taking walks on
beautiful trails and I've even mastered
swimming.  I earned my diploma from
obedience school, too.  Thanks to A & B , I have
a loving furever family and a wonderful future.
Katie Warther
This is Katie on the left with Misty, one of her four
fur siblings.  Katie is known as the clown of the
group.  These two are like Frick and Frack!  Katie
can get quiet creative with her silliness!  She loves
to go with her people to horse shows and auctions
where she receives much attention and treats from
other humans.  Of the five dogs in the family, she is
the one who gets to go on adventures because
she is so quiet and well-behaved around the
horses.  Katie is a valued member of the Warther
family and gives as much love as she gets.
It's hard to believe that we are
coming up on sharing a full
year with Hooligan.  His
confidence and personality
have bloomed.  He has shown
us the "Hooligan Dance"  and
keeps us safe from all those
birds out in the yard!
Mr. Cooper
Mr. Cooper here with my new MOM on
vacation.  I am a "Bassetter" (English Setter/
become a camper!  Two trips already!  Plus I
Casey & my fur friend Lyla & her brothers.   
I'm really happy here.  We go to the canine
recreational facility (Mom can't say P-A-R-K
because I get all excited) a lot and play there
plus she brings other friends in for me to play
with.  I even have my picture in the Daily
Drool Basset Hound rescue calender (seeing
that I am half basset!).  She calls me "super
helped me get to my forever home!
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