Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Charley Couturier
Named after Hurricane
Charley, which struck
the east coast during
Charley's rescue, this
dear fella now lives in VT,
as a Green Mountain
boy, Charley is dearly
loved by his new Mom &
Dad, Alex & Ray. He has
lots of company, with 5
new brothers & sisters.
Bella (Cherish) Myers
Bella now lives with Jenn & Matt and
her new brother Otto. Bella's new Mom
tells us: "Bella is just so wonderful. It's
hard to believe it's been 2 weeks since
Bella came home. We love her so
much! Things are going great.
Iggy (Nathan) D'Giacomo
Nathan, now Iggy, lives with
his new best pal Joe in NJ.
Alley-Kat (Ellie) Fennel
Hi It's Alley, just wanted to let
you know I settled in wonderfully
with my new family.   I love my
new forever family and fit in just
perfectly with my siblings
ChelsayChops and Cheerio.  
Thanks for saving my life.  Lots of
Licks and Paws -- Alley.
Sugar Baby Copperthwaite
Sugar lives with a great family in PA.
Bailey Couturier
Bailey, on death's door
when he was rescued by
A&B, is now happy and
healthy in the beautiful
state of VT thanks to his
wonderful family.
Zigger (Zig-Zag) Staples-Keschl
Handsome boy Zig has had such a
time of finding just the right forever
home and he's recently joined a
fabulous family in PA where he has
made himself right at home!
Senior lady Brit has been adopted
by a wonderful family in OK.
Laci (Angel) Calvi
Angel, now Laci, is just the cutest
bundle of joy. Shown here in the
arms of new Mom Marie on a very
cold day in December. Marie tells
us that they just love her.
Teddi Bear Price
""Teddy Bear is home and busy exploring
the house and playing with the kids.
Thank you very much to everyone who
helped getting Teddy out to us."
-- Teddy's new family
Marshall Colado
"Now that Marshall is settled in he
is truly a great match for our
family. He is loving us now..sitting
on the couch and waiting outside
the gate if we go to play in the
girls room.  It is sweet!
Rosie Caffrey
Rosie is settling in beautifully. She has
bonded to both of us and whines if
we are out of sight. She sleeps in a
crate at night; not crazy about
getting in though. Loves going for
many rides, running in a doggie park,
and being with us at all times. We
love her so much and are so grateful
for such a sweetheart of an English
Setter. Regards, Patty & John of MA
Nell (Clover) Young
"It has been a great first week for
Nell. She and Hodge continue to
bond so nicely!  We couldn't be
happier--including Hodge!
Lily (Bea) Wash
"Lily is blooming just as her name
suggests! One week gains include
entering the house willingly, sleeping
through the night (all but one),
befriending our cat, getting used to all
the sights AND SOUNDS of our small
town, learning some commands (sit,
down, and we're working on "look").
Millie Walsh
Millie is still doing great and every
week we see her getting more used
to her new home. She is learning so
much from our dog Molly. Thanks to
Molly, Millie isn't afraid of thunder
anymore as long as Molly is close by.
If we get a thunderstorm, Millie
snuggles up close to Molly and goes
to sleep. The two girls love to run
around our backyard and play,
Sometimes Millie stops and lays in
the middle of the yard while Molly
runs circles around her. (She's the
one on the couch)
-- Tracy & Kevin  
Esther Marsh
First, I chewed up a rope toy. It was
lots of fun going down! Then I took a
really long car ride from GA to PA,
where I stayed at Brad & Melissa's
bed and biscuit for three nights. I
started having a tummy ache there
and I threw up and pooped rope. I'm
pretty comfortable at Pam & Larry's,
my new family. I growled at Merlin
when he wanted to play, but, we're
really friends. When I feel better, I'll
play with him. In the meantime, I'm
going back to sleep.----- Esther
Diana Black
"Diana has kept me busy! She is
adjusting to my Sadie-they play a lot!
And she is already used to the cats,
some of the time! Loves running in the
yard. She is such a sweet little thing!"
Max (Mickey) Gallagher
Kevin, Max, Nan, Annie & Eileen, "Our boy is
doing very well. I run him 3x/day off leash
and he comes back when called. He and our
cat accept each other completely. The
aggressive behavior has stopped and we
couldn't be happier. He is a great addition to
the family." -- Kevin
Harry Potter (Ricky) Norris
Harry is a love!  I'll take him to
obedience classes so we can keep
him going nicely. His little face is so
cute I kiss it every time I walk by!  
Thanks to both of you...I think he is
a great match for us! -- Jeannine
Lucy Burgess
Lucy is STILL the "Light of our
Lives!" She is getting friskier each
and every day... we just got back
from a visit in Baltimore and she
dragged me all around chasing
pigeons, ducks, and some awfully
naive rabbits. -- Jeremy
Taffy Detrick
The Detricks drove up and fell in love at
first sight. We all hugged and kissed. Taffy
gave Mom and Dad #1 a sweet hug and
off she went to her forever home. The
"Taffy Project" is complete with a happy
ending....and a fine match it was!
-- Taffy's Foster Mom Eileen
Brady (Cadbury) Colado
Brady is gaining trust in leaps and
bounds. It's very obvious that his
canine companions at my house are
truly helping him along.  He's actually
started trying to jump up when I let
him from his crate, an action this
previously fearful boy would have
never tried before. I don't encourage
this behavior, but it's a good
measure of his trust for me.
-- Steph and Gabe
Traveler (Travie) Ridgway
Hi everyone and a big THANK YOU to all
who helped to get Traveler to his new
home in NJ. Sue called tonight, ecstatic
about Travie. I know he is in the best
home he could ever find (besides
mine...lol!). Again, THANK YOU
EVERYONE!!! Michelle
Charlie Butler
Charlie's a Buckeye boy now, living with
Steve & Clarie in southern Ohio. He's
joined a wonderful family and Charlie
makes three furrkids for the Butler family.
Madison (Maddy) Johnson
Well Maddy is home now!!! She has
spent the past 20 minutes sniffing
every square inch of the house, has
eaten a couple of biscuits, and has
experienced her new brothercat,
Bentley (he is very swift of
unclawed paw!). She met her sister
Ceilidh ("Kaylee") at our friends'
home--we figured neutral turf would
be best--and it went beautifully.
Sincerely, Rebecca
Pandie (Ginger) Wilson
Now that she's with the Wilsons, Ginger
has more confidence than she knows what
to do with!!  I mean, we are talking Miss
Attitude!!  She holds her head high and is
not scared of strangers. The changes in
this little girl are incredible. Thank you
Foster Mom Debbie and new Mom Rita for
showing this girl a wonderful life.  She is
such a happy dog!!
Summer Bellen
I have had Summer for almost a year
now and she is doing great. She has
turned out to be everything I had
hoped she'd be. She is no longer the
scared, thin little girl that I picked up
last year.  She absolutely loves people
and runs to greet everyone with
wagging tail.  The woods around my
development are her heaven.  She
finally knows what happiness and love
is. Thanks for her, A&B.
Oxy (Little Alex) Hagman
Here is a picture of Little Alex in our
yard. The kids have decided to call her
"Oxy" for her rusty or oxidized ears!
She is a pure pleasure to have around.
She loves running in the yard and
playing with Jake (our ten year old son)
and all of his friends. She has been
absolutely everything we were looking
for.  She will be going to doggy classes
in June to "learn some manners"!
Thank you again!  Lizz
Mary McDowell
Kathy and her friend Evan were just here
and picked up Mary.  They drove 6 hours
to get her rather than waiting until Sunday
for me to meet them halfway. Kathy just
couldn't wait! Mary settled right down in
the car for her ride. Mary is going to be
very much loved and spoiled!
Trade (Trader) Boyle
Betty, Butch & Trader Boyle
Not too long ago, Trade's Foster
Parents, Nancy & Dave, along with
Mother Setter & Grandmom Setter met
at the Lehigh Valley Hospital with Betty
and Butch who have adopted Trade.
Trade's tail was up and he was oh so
happy. What a nice match he is for
them. He is the calmest most beautiful
dog in the world.
Zorro Looney
Zorro is doing extremely well and really likes
that David takes him for long walks. Emily,
his new Mom told us that they had friends
over to meet him and they all brought gifts
for Zorro, a real "doggie house warming".
Carter Holly
Carter is sharing his new home in Iowa
with three children, Mom & Dad, Deb
& Mark along with new siblings Bandit
and Spot the cat. He's doing just great.
Buck Schlottman
"When we were asked to foster Buck,
we had some serious reservations. But
we knew he needed someone who
would guide him in a firm yet caring
way.  He did need some serious house
training as he had lived in an outdoor
kennel for 6 years. After a few months
he turned into a very sweet and
affectionate companion and we just
couldn't let him go. He seems to be
really happy living here with us and his
two sisters, Maggie and Lady."
-- Robin & Marv
Sasha (Little Joe) Zarrow
From wondering where his next meal would come
from, to wondering when his forever family would
find him, to being loved by a wonderful family,
does it get any better than this?
Riley (Dexter) Caffrey
John Caffrey in MA, along with "sister"
Rosie. Both Riley and Rosie are A&B
rescues that have joined the Caffrey family
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.