Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
Jake Bailey
but the once shy, timid, and untrusting Jake
found his forever home and family in August
of 2009 --- no longer PA Jake, but Jake
Bailey.   He still needs extra reassurance,
understanding, and attention at times, but he
has definitely come to the right place for that!  
Jake now spends his days hanging out with
his pet and people family, going for long walks
and hikes, nibbling on homemade
treats/cookies, and snuggling.   It’s the last
stop on his party train --- and oh what a party
it is..!!  He’s living life and loving every minute
of it..!   Sometimes it takes a while to get
where we’re meant to be in life, but that just
makes finally getting there that much sweeter!
Cali Pople
Cali (formerly Pascal) is doing great.  
She is a total sweetheart and romps
with her adopted brother Hamlet, an
American Eskimo rescue.  And she
has a special relationship with one of
the two butterscotch colored cats
she shares her home with, Lewis.
Anna Holden
Anna joined the Holden home in August 2009. She quickly
adjusted to her new home and her new Braut. She just jumped
right in (the chair) and made herself comfortable.  Her training
began right Anna joined the Holden home in August 2009. was a
natural, after a few short months, She she had she had her first
experience with birds in the her first experience with birds in the
field. field. You see, Anna loves to run and run and Anna loves to
run and run and run, hunting was a run, hunting was a perfect
outlet. Now more than a year has passed, Anna seems very, very
happy. Her new master is also very, very happy as she is a
wonderful companion, she sits in the chair and watches TV, plays
keep-away with Braut and her future afield as a fantastic hunting
partner looks very bright.
Daisy Mae Graziano
Daisy Mae is from Louisiana.  I met her & picked her up on
August 29, 2009 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  After going
through 2 separate mastectomy surgeries last November &
January, she is doing extremely well.  She immediately
bonded with her brother, another English Setter named
Jasper.  We adore her!  Knowing that we saved her life makes
our bond even stronger.  She has the softest fur of any dog
I've known.  I recently took her to a community Christmas
parade with Santa & fireworks & decorations, & Daisy Mae
ended up being the hit of the festivities!  All of the children in
the streets came running up to her, asking to pet her &
remarking on how soft & silky her fur is.  I was so proud to
tell them her story! Thank you Above & Beyond English
Setter Rescue for bringing Daisy Mae into my life!            
~Judy L. Graciano
Scout Posey
Scout loves being in the yard and will
sit absolutely still for hours waiting for
an unsuspecting chipmunk, squirrel,
or crow to get close enough for a
game of tag.  She is so still and quiet
that neighbors stop and wonder … is
that really a dog or is it a statue?
Sadie Posey
Sadie (“Darla”) is an incredibly funny dog
and makes us laugh every day.  She loves
to run on the beach with her sister Scout
but when 8:00 rolls around, you can count
on Sadie to let you know it’s bedtime…her
droopy eyes and heavy head let you know
she’s had enough.
Seamus Slane
We adopted Seamus a few years back
from your organization.   As you can, see
the skin and bones we adopted him with
dog.  He was a little slow in adapting,he
was very, very skittish and was slow in
mingling, but finally has put all that behind
him and is just the best companion
anyone could ask for.  He is so sweet, kind
and gentle.  We had a fence installed and
he loves to run around chasing the birds
and squirrels.  WE LOVE HIM and just
wanted to pass along a wonderful success
story to you.
We changed her name, so she could start a
fresh new life.   With one acre of property, we
installed an electric fence to keep Riley contained
and it was the best decision for both of us. Riley
lets us know when she needs to go out, and
come in, and every day as she bounds out the
mud room door, she thinks it is a new day.
Birds, bugs, moths, bats, and leaves don’t stand
a chance at entering our property as they will
with all of them. with all of them. Sometimes
more than I!!Sometimes more than I!!
Snap Thompson
Meet Above and Beyond's Snap To It!  
Snap is one talented, smart, and cute
young lady.  She loves agility, especially
the A-frame and weave poles.  
Considering that she came to us at close
to 6 months of age and had already
Considering that she came to us at close
dog. She just turned two years old in
February.  Snap is one of the most to 6
months of age and had already loving,
trainable, eager-to-please dogs I trainable,
eager-to-please dogs I have had have had
the pleasure of owning.  We hope to
show at her first agility trial in August--just
giving her young birddog brain a chance
to mature before going in the ring.  
Nike Cheever
Nike (previously Alvin) is doing great! We
found him. He gets along great with our
mannered, and is totally joyful in
everything he does. In this picture you
climb a tree while engaging in one of his
favorite hobbies: chasing squirrels. He is
Nike (previously Alvin) is doing great!
(invisible fence) and even though he is We
not winters winters one bit. Running in
snow is fun! one bit. Running in snow is
fun! He He is is fabulous, and we are so
grateful to fabulous, and we are so
grateful to A&B A&B for connecting us
and allowing him to become part of our
Marty Vanecek
Marty is my best buddy.  Everyone tells me that he looks lovingly at me.  
Everyone who meets Marty thinks he is fuss, no muss, just wants to be
loved and petted.  He is a great speed bump, unfortunately, so I have to
watch when I am doing something because he lays at my feet so I can trip
over him.  He just wants to be close to me...I feel so loved.  . I cannot
imagine my world without Marty.
Jeb Wilson
Jeb came to me as my first foster for A&B.
 I didn't worry about keeping him because
I am an Irish Setter person and had been
looking for an IS Bench boy.  He looked
up at me and I kept convincing myself
that I would be able to let him go.  
WRONG. He is taking ownership of my
heart and hopefully I his.  He's a GREAT
dog and I simply LOVE him, even IF he
made me fail Foster 101!
Skauts (KS Speck)
Skauts (KS Speck) came "home" to me June
30, 2007 terrified, but has turned into the
greatest dog and My Best Pal ! He and I are
glued together forever; our hearts as one.
We go everywhere together and loving
every moment more and more each day!
Just think he was so close to being
euthanized...deemed hopeless. This is the
reason we started fostering A&B dogs when
we are able to help.
Thank you for saving this his life and mine.  
Diana (Cinnamon, Mercy and now Birdie's
foster mom)
Juno Sward
Juno is a snuggly, baby that is
glued to our hips. She loves the
florida lizards and chases them all
over the yard.  She loves to play
fetch and lay in the warm sun. :)
We are so in love and happy.
Juno your home forever!!!!!!!!
Pippen DeMario
Pippens came into A&B under a false
assumption that he was a 4 year old male
English Setter.  When he arrived at his foster
home in RI, it was immediately apparent that
a "1" belonged before the "4" on his age.  
The vet confirmed that Pippens was approx
around 13 to 14 years old.  That being
known, foster mom Melissa DeMario, became
his forever mom.  Call it meant to be, Pippens
is never far from her in the house and now
has decided it is even better to get out of the
house on occasion and go for a nice kayak
ride.  There are so many new smells out there
on the water!  Have you ever seen a happier
doggie face?  One of the many rewards of
being an A&B pup!  (and foster mom!)
Maggie Catania
spotted one) 2 years ago on May 9,
2009.  She has brought so much
joy to our lives and we love her
more & more every day. She is a
“senior” and we affectionately refer
to her as our “Old Lady”.  Her
adopted Setter sister, Honey (from
another rescue) is her best friend
together or playing outside in the
snow.  Maggie loves her chew bones
and she is just a great old girl.
Jake & Lexi
Introducing (KS) Jake (adopted in Feb. 2010) and Lexi (adopted
in May 2010).  This is a picture of them lounging last summer.  
Jake and Lexi are best buddies.  Everyone is happy and healthy!
Ranger (Romeo) Hopkins
I adopted Ranger (aka Romeo), in
January and he completed our family.  
He's the handsome setter on the left!  
Thanks for saving these amazing dogs!
Robin, Elly and Ranger
Gunther Gerrish
Here's Gunther with me. Gunther is having a wonderful life
with our family and his new sister, Greta (English Golden
Retriever).   Gunther loves to run, and has the most
beautiful gait. When he is outside with Greta, they play
pretty hard. He absolutely loves to jump in the pool and
swim for anything we throw in for him to catch! Inside the
house, he is usually asleep near one of his humans and
resting up for the next outside adventure. We are never
lonely with Gunther around, because he is always right there
to keep us company and look adoringly into our eyes.
Virginia Gerrish
Getting Bryson from Texas to PA
during the tornados of Spring
2011 was the toughest part.  
Once here, it was so seamless.  
What a wonderful & sweet
member of our family he has
Wyatt Biegel
This is Wyatt (formally Jackson)
he was a part of the litter of 5
puppies rescued from
Oklahoma.  Wyatt LOVES to
steal his sister Maddy’s ball and
make her chase him around the
yard. When we first met him,
we thought he was the “crazy”
one of the litter…he was just
going “crazy” that he finally met
his human family! They say
dogs pick their owners, Wyatt
knew he wanted to be our dog
and we just couldn't imagine
our life without him!
Maisie Brookshire
We're so pleased to have Maisie in our family. She's sweet,
smart, affectionate, and loves to point at rabbits. She's fun and
funny and we're crazy about her! We've been together about
four months.
Dennis & Joan Brookshire
Kelsey (formerly Dawn)
Kelsey (formerly Dawn), has been with us for
a few days, and it is as if she has been with
us forever.  She is such an amazing dog and
a fabulous addition and blessing to our family
in Tennessee, and we are so thankful to Anna
for taking such good care of her, and to A&B
for all they do for these precious dogs.   
Kelsey is learning all about life here in Texas,
and fits right in.  She has won our hearts and
fun-filled years together.
Shannon Sweeney
Shannon adopted us in June 2010.  She has
developed from an underweight puppy with
almost no hair, to a beautiful dog with a luxurious
coat of thick white fur. She is a beauty in looks
with our older ES, Robby, and they are quite
inseparable. We recently rescued a blind kitten
from a shelter and Shannon's motherly instincts
out for the little kitten and snuggles up with her
thus continuing the cycle of rescue. She is very
social with people misses an opportunity to climb
onto a welcoming lap - all absolutely cannot
imagine almost no hair, to a beautiful dog with a
living without her. If you can ever feel a sense of
from a pet, we do with Shannon to this day. We
from a pet, we do with could tell she was
frightened and had been could tell she was
frightened and had been abused before we got
frightened and had been her. She is so very
happy now.  
Sincerely, John and Marty Sweeney
Mac Vetter
We adopted Mac on April 9, 2011 from
Little Rock, AR.  He is a bundle of energy
and he loves to play rough with our Irish
Setter, Brogan.  They have quickly become
Jim and I.  Our daughters love him too but
they are away at college.  We are so
thankful that we have him in our lives
because he brings us such joy.  
Ronnie Vetter
Oliver Jones
We adopted Oliver Jones, an
Orange Belton English Setter, in
December of 2009.  He has been
such a joy to our family!  He is very
well mannered and quickly settled in
invaluable in mentoring our newest
member, an Irish Setter puppy.  We
love him dearly and are thankful for
A & B English Setter Rescue!
Cooper Jones
We adopted Cooper Jones, a
Tri-Colored Chestnut English Setter in
May of 2010.  Because of his past
experiences, he came to us with
separation anxiety. With a little bit of
love and care, he quickly settled in and
is a joy to our family.  He is such a
gentle little guy and we love him dearly!
Thank you A & B for Cooper!
Buddy Wissman
We received Buddy (adoption name was
black and white English Setter black and
white English Setter of 15 years 3
months earlier, and although he can
never replace the lost of our friend he
has filled the hole that was left in our
heart. Buddy is now used to his forever
home, and although it was a rough first
week he has excepted the fact that he
has to share it with a couple of cats. He
has replaced chasing cat with chasing
travel with us when we go to visit our
kids out of town.  When we first brought
closet when we were out of his sight. He
how has taken over the house and has a
favorite chair that he occupies until we
come home. His only retreat to the
closet is when he hears thunder or the
vacuum cleaner is running. He has
become my constant companion and is
laying next to be as I write this.