Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
We adopted Sammy (Sarah) a year ago – she is
such a cutie pie, she is always SO excited when
you get home and really makes a fuss.  She has
fit in well with her big brother Jake, and the two of
them tear around and entertain each other,
which was one reason why we got the second
dog.  Sammy has a thing for squeaky toys and is
driven when she receives one to find out what
causes it and “stop” the noise.  In the summer
she likes to stand in front of the fan and let her
ears fly.  Due to her being a beagle mix – she has
good size ears and it always gets a chuckle out of
us.  I never saw a little dog run as fast as Sammy
does.  When she gets extra energy she will
continue to run in a circle around Jake – he keeps
up for a while and then just lays down and
watches her – crazy.
Holly Wagner
Holly (on the left) is doing well and
has really made herself at home here.
 Holly is full of energy and very
playful.  Holly has taught her older
step sister Annabelle how to play and
share.  Annabelle is very alpha and
was all work constantly hunting the
yard.  But, since Holly arrived last
year they have learned to get along
and enjoy each other company.   I
still don't know if Holly will hunt but it
does not matter.  Holly is fun to have
around and is now part of the family.
Zoe Mills
Zoe has adapted very well to our busy family.  She
has become a wonderful companion for Mia and they
play all the time.  She loves to be in the middle of
whatever is going on, whether we are outside or in.  
She loves to run and chase birds.  She has worn a
path throughout the yard that shows her favorite
route for chasing the birds.  We installed an
underground fence so she can run without any
worries and that has been a blessing for both of us!  
She likes nothing better than to lay on your lap and
watch TV or chew on the towel on the floor meant for
cleaning their feet!  My 4 kids have adjusted as well
and both the dogs get lots of attention.  She is very
happy to chase a ball or get in the middle of my sons
playing football, but she doesn’t understand the idea
of fetch.  She just wants to chase, have you meet
her at the ball, and throw it again.  She has tons of
energy and makes us laugh every day.  I don’t think
there is a dog on the planet with a better disposition.  
She’s really been fun to incorporate into our family!.
We love Sugar so much. She is
our other daughter. Our daughter,
Adelai, loves her too. She is a
GREAT part of our family.
Cinnamon Barker
I live  in Vermont where we have a family
business and I work very hard.  People come
to buy memorials for their loved ones.  I
greet everyone by sitting at their door and
wiggling all over.  Most people get out of their
cars and decide that this must be a nice place
because even the dog is friendly but I must
be sure not to jump on them.  Many are
very sad but I give them something to smile
about.  My other job is bird herding.  We
have several bird feeders and a big bird bath
and it is my job to keep the birds in their
place.  Nobody likes to look at monuments
that have bird "do do" all over them. There
are also squirrels and chipmunks who try to
steal food from the birds and I am the official
watchdog. If I get a spare minute- the guys
in the workshop love to pet me and Dad
needs to see me just to say "Hi Babe".  All in
all - I am a very busy setter.
Boo is doing great. We have had her for
just about a year now and she is very
much a part of the family. Boo is full of
energy and runs through the yard like a
gazelle. She loves to be around other
dogs, but she just wears them out. They
will try to keep up with her for a few
minutes, then they just lay down while
Boo runs circles around them. Boo has
been really successful with training. It is
so rewarding to watch her work so hard
at controlling her impulses. I don’t think
we will ever get to the point that she is
able to totally ignore the distractions.  
Our son, now 6, is quite attached to Boo
and she loves to lay with him on the
sofa. Chris and I work from home, so
Boo spends most of the day laying under
one of our desks. We are working very
hard on her greeting manners (a major
sticking point in the training!). She is so
affectionate, that she will climb right into
the laps of our guests. She seems to
think that she only weighs 20 pounds
instead of 55 pounds, which is what she
actually weighs!  
Rain Tellerico
When we adopted Rain over a year
ago, she was just the first addition in
Within 6 months, she became the
"big sister" to our daughter, and just
a week after our 1-year anniversary
with her, she became a "little sister"
to our new adopted German
Shepherd mix, Blitzen.  Our family is
big and happy, full of life, love, and
lots of cuddles.  We end every night
on the couch in a big "Puppy Pile!"
Harry was officially adopted shortly
before Christmas 2009.  He was our
foster since June 2009. Before that
he had been in several other foster
homes. Even though potential
adopters had interest in him, he just
could not make the final connection
and we really couldn't understand
why.  We felt that he finally deserved
a forever home. He is a very good
boy and keeps us laughing all the
time.  He still thinks that he is a puppy
and we love him very much.
Don Patch (Herbie)
Don Patch (Herbie) has adapted to our
family very nicely and is a very energetic
and loving dog.  My daughter Jill calls him
a big "cuddle monster".  They are very
close and Don lays on the couch with Jill
all the time.  Don loves the outdoors and
spying on the birds, squirrels, and rabbits
in our back yard.  In the summer he likes
going for a swim in our pool and laying
on the deck chairs - he lives the life of
luxury!  We are very happy to have Don
as part of our family!
Mia & Daisy
We adopted Mia at the end of March
2007 and Daisy last year February.
She was 8 months old when she
arrived and had no social skills at all.  
Daisy's a happy doggy now, very
smart, healthy and just adorable. Mia,
because we got her a little earlier is
spoiled, she occupied my moms room
thinking that its hers. She insists every
night to be let to sleep on the bed. We
love them very much.  Daisy has both
eyes patched and Mia just one.
Jessie Mae & Gretchen Sebastian
Hello, so glad to meet you!  I’m Jessie Mae Sebastian, and
I was adopted August 2008.  That’s me, the pretty girl
on the right.  I’m the ‘Regal’ one.  I am also very athletic,
and I have lots of energy and love to run fast.  Sitting
next to me is my adopted sister, Gretchen.  She came to
live with us November 1, 2009.  She’s really cool, even if
she is a bit too mellow.  Mom and Dad [Sylvia & Blair] say
we’re total opposites but, regardless of that, we are
becoming really good friends.  Home is a log cabin in the
woods.  Gretchen and I spend a lot of time outdoors
running in the fields and woods.  There are just too many
squirrels, chipmunks and birds; sure is hard to relax
around here but that’s ok!   Even when we’re inside, we
like to be near a window so that we can watch the critters
outside; then we bark and jump around ‘cause we’re just
so excited!  In our wildest doggie dreams, we never
thought we would have it so good.  We get so much
love and attention from Mom and Dad, and we love
them, too.  Thank you A&B for helping us find our ’
Furever Dream Home”.  We are oh, so happy.
It's been about 7 1/2 months since we got
our Llewellyn Setter Kirby (formerly known
as Dexter), and we couldn't be happier!  
There's nothing like a howl and a happy
tail wagging dance to greet you when you
come home.  Like most setters, Kirby's
favorite things to do are run and chase
birds, but recently he's also taken up
wrestling and playing catch.  At the dog
park he's become quite the popular pup,
always enticing 2 to 3, if not 10 dogs to
chase him through the trees at lightning
speed.  At home, he's the biggest cuddle
bug, often falling asleep in compromising
positions just to be on our laps.  He's
looking forward to our summer vacations
that will give him the opportunity to run
along the beach and play in the woods.
Mary Jane (MJ)
MJ has been part of our family for 6 months now and
she has grown into such a great little lady. During the
cold months, she spent the day running from the back
of the house to the front to look out the windows for
birds.  Now that the warm weather is here, she spends
most of her day giving our doggie door a workout by
running in and out to the backyard all day long looking
for birds, bees and butterflies. When she is exhausted
from all that running, she is content to snuggle up with
us on the sofa or the bed.  She gets along great with
her fur siblings, Jake and Maggie, and is never far away
from them.  We all adore her and know that she feels
the same about us.  We couldn’t imagine our lives
without her.
Trixie will be turning 2 this month - she is
a wonderful addition to our family.  She is
half English Setter, but it can be hard to
tell by looking at her.  We still think she is
beautiful.  She LOVES to go in and out all
day, and she runs all around patrolling
the yard to keep the intruding birds,
squirrels, cats, and chipmunks out.  The
only time she runs through her electric
fence is when the fox shows up - but she
doesn't go far.  She is very very active
outside, but inside she likes nothing
better than to snuggle up with whoever
is on the couch or in bed.  If you let her
under the covers - that's her favorite!  
She has graduated to sleeping outside
her crate, and if the grownups don't let
her in the bed (she's a bed hog!), then
she goes to the kids.  She's a sweetie!
Bonnie is a beautiful girl just as her Irish
girl). She is extremely shy unlike the
Bonnie she was named after (Bonnie and
Clyde). She is scared of the dark, ball caps,
men, some of our cats, loud noises, the list
goes on. We are working with a trainer
and slowly making progress.  She loves
our other dogs and can't get enough of
being outside. She is slowly coming
around with John, her new "dad". We
take it one day at a time and are working
hard at overcoming her fear of the dark
since winter is coming. She loves to play
Tag, It and Keep Away. She is quite clever
and has an awesome memory which
makes it tough at times. She's loved, she
knows it and everyone is just waiting for
her to find the courage to accept it.
Gorbi is home!!!   She is a loving, mellow
pup, who just loves her belly rubs.  She
greets us with puppy kisses every morning,
and has been a very good little girl.  Our
son and daughter feel like they're living a
dream....they can't believe she's finally
here!!   Gorbi has been spending her days
and playing with the kids and us.  From the
moment we first saw her on Petfinder and
English Setter Rescue, we just knew she
would complete our family!  Many thanks
to Andrea, her foster mommy, for taking
such good care of her, and loving her until
she could be with her forever family.   We
are so very happy to have such a beautiful,
loving pup!
Reggie S. Goldberg (Parker)
Reggie is now a VERY happy - VERY loved member of
the Goldberg family. His Poppa snapped this photo of
Reggie snoozing in his Momma's arms. His new Beagle
brother is delighted to have him in the family.
Wren Knowles
We adopted Wren through A&B.   She was
being fostered in Kentucky and was
transported to Denver, Colorado.   She is
the 4th member of our dog pack.   We love
english setters and can't believe this tiny
little setter addition.  She is amazing.  Very
unique as all our setters are!
1/22/10, the first toy she grabbed was a
When Ziva (Hope) arrived in our home
her new surroundings.  A few weeks later
she went on a “play date” with her future
hunting partner Frigo.  As spring arrived
and the invisible fence was installed, Ziva
has spent most of her “free time” chasing
birds around the yard.  We haven’t seen
a squirrel for several weeks!!!  In the
evenings she enjoys cuddling with
“momma” (aka Karen).
Ginger Berger
My wife and I had the good fortune of
recently bringing Ginger into our
home on Hilton Head Island , SC.   
She joined Layla another 11 year old
English Setter I rescued from a
county shelter in up-state South
Carolina in early January of this year.  
Layla more than convinced my wife
that we, more than anyone else, can
best provide these older setters a
perfect forever home.  
Guess what...I've found my forever family, my forever
them on the couch and I get to snuggle with Mom at
night on the big bed.  I can't snuggle with Dad at night
'cause my big brother Ace does.  Ace and I are
becoming best friends.  I love to follow him around, play
chase in the yard, and share chew bones and toys with
him.  Mom says that if it keeps raining I'll start looking like
Ace...he's an Irish Setter and we have red clay dirt
around here.  I guess I better get used to getting
washed up.  I also have a big sister.  Muffin is a 16 year
old Sheltie and she doesn't like to play very much but
she does like to lay quiet with Ace and me.  Thank you
so much for helping me to find my Mom and Dad.  I love
them and they REALLY love me!   Hayley
Thank you from Bruce and I also. Hayley is part of this
family and we can't imagine life without her.
Kim (my wife) and I adopted chowder last April at the Reading pet expo.  He is great and gets along
well with Bentley our other setter.  They are like brothers.  Chowder is so full of love and kisses.