Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
Bridger Littman
Bridger Littman is a 8 month old tricolored
female setter who joined our family 4 weeks
ago. Bridger’s original owner and breeder
trained Bridger to hunt, but Bridger was
afraid of the gun. So, he dumped her in a kill
shelter. Bridger does not like loud noises.
Slamming doors, loud vacuum cleaners, and
thunderstorms scare Bridger. That’s just
fine, because she takes cover between my
husband and I. And we love to snuggle with
Bridger! We have tried to train Bridger to
sleep in a crate, but she waits for us each
night on our bed. And we love to sleep with
Bridger! Everything in the great outdoors is
exciting for Bridger. Birds, birds, birds!
Bridger wants every bird that she sees!
Bridger is our little princess, and the world is
her oyster. Bridger loves her woods and
fields, and her recall is strong. She is off for a
summer in the mountains and a swim at the
ocean. Bridger has found her home. Thank
you Above and Beyond for Bridger.
Hunter Graham
I am so thankful that I have
Hunter added to my family!  
Willie Littman
Willie Littman is a white and orange
spotted setter who joined our family in
November. At that time, he was a timid
and starved for affection 14 month old
boy. Willie’s hind quarters were
underdeveloped because of lack of
appropriate diet and exercise. Willie has
since developed into a healthy,
powerful, happy go lucky puppy boy.
Willie loves his bones, chew toys,
hotdogs and cheese. He runs and plays
most of the day. Willie can often be
seen dragging his bed, family
underwear, and towels throughout the
house and out his doggie door. Willie
makes us laugh. He has learned to
retrieve balls inside. However if you
throw a ball for Willie in the great
outdoors, you might not see him again
for an hour. Faithful Willie will come
home, but just not white. So, he is
better off inside his protected fence.
Willie is a true setter. Willie is also a
lover. He snuggles and gives great
kisses. Willie is safe and loved in his
forever home. Thank you Above and
Beyond for Willie.
Chloe Peterson-Pietro
We thought you'd like an update on our
wonderful family member.  We adopted
Chloe (previously known as KY Sally) last
October and fell in love with her instantly.  
Within 48 hours of coming to us most of her
quickly.  What a snuggler!  Within 2 weeks,
she was clean, healthy, healed from her
injuries, and had learned all her commands.  
She had a difficult spring while we tried to
figure out what exactly she was allergic to,
but now that we know she can only tolerate
salmon, she's healthy and happy again.  She
is so friendly with a great temperament.  She
loves our daily walk/run, but the rest of the
day she spends in her comfy bed.  We're so
thankful we were able to adopt her, she fits
our family perfectly.  A big thank you to all
who make this organization a success!
The Petersen-Pietro Family
Ruby D'Onofrio
Ruby is a love, all she wants is love and
attention; she is not hyper-active which is
young.  She loves to run in the backyard
and knows that I am a push over  
Anytime she does her little begging dance
in front of me (front paws up in the air); I
will let her out or pet and play with her.  
She is great with my two grandchildren  
(1 1/2 and 4 years of age)  We also have
a cat  She and the cat spar with each
other (reminds me of my kids, who are
grown up now).  Her only problem is she
gets car sick.  We can't take her
anywhere and when she has to stay
home; she gets bored and chews.  Ruby
is doing well.and we love her.  Maureen
and Henry D'Onofrio
Sir James Sorensen
females, who are 5 year old litter mates.  Sir
James loves to grab a toy a get chased at full
speed around the pool by me and /or the
comedian - he is so affectionate and animated.
With his rooing he will absolutely tell you off if
he doesn't like something or wants attention.
He thinks he is a lap dog - and definitely a
cuddle bunny.  We are amazed that such a
large dog can stand on his hind legs for over a
minute, or actually lay on his back and play
with a bone or a toy by batting it with his
paws.  We are so happy to have him and wish
we had room for three more. We are truly
blessed to have this handsome boy as part of
our family "pack."  Thank you A and B for
saving as many as you do.  
Tom and Joyce Sorensen
Otis Smarsh
Otis continues to be a wonderful, loving
sweetheart and we are so fortunate to have
him in our family.  We love the way he greets
anyone with his loud ROOOOS!  And he loves
watchdog because he never barks and greets
anyone coming to the house with wags and
smiles. Otis lives for his daily walks.  Otis is five
years old now and we are so thankful to Tom
and Ruth Butz for pointing us to Above &
Beyond English Setter Rescue one year ago.  
We can't imagine life without him.
Thank you all for the wonderful work you do
to give these wonderful dogs a happier life
Jake Parker/Hansen
Jake was originally from Texas, adopted via
A&B to Vermont, returned to A&B by the first
family and placed at a Doggie Daycare in
Rutland. Finding VTJAKE on your website that
December 2007 appeared to be fate- and
now, a full two years later we know that to be
true. Jake is well known and loved in his Grand
Isle home, this is his time of year as he
"co-pilots" my husband's snow removal
efforts. Many of our 20+ customers make
sure to flag Keith down to insure Jake gets his
treat. Jake has recently begun training me-
when I give him an apple (his latest and more
healthy snack of choice) and it rolls away I
often get up, retrieve it to bring to him- only
another Setter family can understand the look
on his face when I complete my trick- and I
get a kiss. We look forward to a long life with
the "heart" of our family.  
Thank you for all the work you folks do.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2010,
Pat Parker/Keith Hansen.
Rascal Burns
moment he walked in the door. He
was so sweet and lovable and
skittish as anything. He was very
timid and shy. He has come a long
way and is much more comfortable
with us.  Rascal takes strong hugs
from our two little boys and enjoys
looking out the window with Drew
who is just his height.  His favorite
past time is lounging with our six
year old daughter as she reads,
watches tv, or plays with her
We are blessed to have Rascal and
thank you all again for getting him
safely to us. We thank Jeff and
Laura once again for doing such a
wonderful job fostering Rascal and
we know he missed your kiddos!!!
Sissy Kottmeier
I just want to share Sissy’s story with the ES
Rescue Group.  We adopted Sissy in August of
this year and drove from Colorado to Kentucky
to pick her up.  Sissy is having a wonderful life in
Colorado, and recently finished her obedience
training class at the very top of her class having
achieved the highest score on her final exam.  
She is pictured here on graduation night with her
proud dad, Tom.  We are very grateful to all in
the ES Rescue group that helped to bring this
wonderful dog into our lives.  She is a joy to us
every day.
Thanks again, Layne & Tom Kottmeier
Miss Hyacinth (Hyde) has been with us for 7 months
with her fur siblings Teddy and Callie Lou. Her favorite
thing to do in the winter is chase birds. Summertime is
when she goes frogging in the ponds. Miss Hy is a true
English setter non stop when she is outside and the
perfect lady when she is in the house. We could not
have asked for a better addition to our family.
Abby Young
Abby Young has found her forever home and
her best friend, Holly who is 10.  We rescued
Abby in January and she has adjusted
extremely well and quickly.  Abby however has
found her Best Friend in Holly.  When they are
together Abby is happy but when Holly leaves
and Abby doesn't go with her she whines and
cries like a baby.  To get Holly's attention she
will steal her stuffed animals or any object she
can get from her room and prance in front of
Holly until Holly pays attention to her.
Cali Wood
Cali is regaining her health and settling nicely into her
forever home.  She can't quite understand why the cat
doesn't like to play with her, and she still is afraid of
sudden noises and anything that looks like a stick, but
she is doing much better.  While she does need a lot of
another furry little one to call my own. Thanks again,  
Marco Miller
Marco has lived with us for about a year, having
arrived at our home on January 19, 2009. He
had previously lived near Cincinnati and was
transported out here by the A&B Transport
team. We live in the woods of Maine and Marco
is right at home here. He loves the freedom of
being able to roam in the woods and all the
smells around here really fascinate him. He has
become well known in the community because
of his antics and he has been a total joy to us.  
Marco has found his home with us.
Don Miller
We adopted Callie nearly a year ago and we cannot
begin to describe the joy she has brought to our
family. Callie has lots of energy and enjoys going for
walks and running at the dog park. She is also a
couch potato!  When we adopted Callie she was
having a litter of 4 pups shortly after her rescue.  
She has gained about 5 pounds and is very healthy.  
Callie travels well and loves to see new places. We are
just so happy she is a part of our family!
It's been over a year since we adopted
considering she was a caged dog for 7
years for breeding purposes.  Terrified of
men, not housebroken and scared of
every household noise.  Today she is
pretty housebroken, sleeps next to my
husband and now goes out for him.  Still
is a constant barker and still flinches at
certain noises.  We kept her name as we
thought it was too traumatic to do
otherwise.  She is very attached to me.
Ivory Seaton
Ivory has been here a year and
several months, and she has become
my travel companion.  She is content
to sit in the back seat so she can
roam from window to window to see
what is happening.  She is always
ready to go when she sees me put
on shoes and head for the door.
When Ivory comes in from her yard
adventures, she now comes to me
for love and attention.  A good head
rub quickly turns into a roll over to
get her belly rubbed.  She learned to
play with toys and can entertain
herself for hours.  
She has truly enriched the lives of all
of my family members
Ref Sutherland
eferee is such a wonderful dog! My life with Ref
started with a simple note in November 2008,
from June of A & B: “How about fostering
Ref?”  I think I fell for this dog before I even
met him, after reading the info that A&B knew
about his past. Referee had perfect house
manners from the first moment he arrived. I
was pleasantly surprised. I was even happier
when I discovered that Ref was sweet and
gentle with my 14-year old Sheltie. As the
days went along, I found that Referee was
also great with my niece and nephew and with
everyone he meets. It wasn’t all perfect,
though, in those early months! Twice, Ref
scaled my 4-foot fence with ease, and
enthusiastically “hunted” my woodsy
neighborhood for more than an hour before I
found him in the woods behind a neighbor’s
house, wildly, happily flushing the winter birds.
I worked hard to teach Ref a good recall, and
he’s very reliable now. I feel so very lucky to
have Ref in my family. Yes, that’s right – I
failed Fostering 101, and I adopted Referee
very soon after he arrived at my home. He’s
in his forever home now.
Lulu Glines
Lulu loves to be outside. The dogs can't wait to
get up and go for their walk in the morning and
again at night.  She loves attention and she can
be quite the clown. The first day I took her to
doggie day care with Hazel - she jumped up on
the front desk (all 4 legs - not just 2!) and totally
surprised everyone.  Luckily the girl at the desk
thought it was funny - it was a first!
Lulu has adjusted well and is a very happy and
healthy girl. She has made Hazel and me very
happy.  She is a great addition to the family and
we love her very much!
Emily Glines
Bella Kovach
Once a timid little girl, now everyone loves
her and she loves everyone.  She has put
on weight and her vet says she is now the
perfect size at 36.2 pounds  Her new dad is
her favorite friend and she has developed a
communication routine that they
understand (she loves to cuddle with her
new mom while watching TV in the
evenings).  Everyone tells us how pretty she
is and how well mannered she is.  She has
made our life more complete.