Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue

Happily Setter After
A Photo Album of Love
The dogs pictured here are the LUCKY ones, the ones who have found their forever homes. Sadly, this
is not always the case. All of us who are involved with Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue try our
best to ensure that all the dogs needing a home find their own Happily Setter After family.  

To the families of Above & Beyond, if you have a new picture or update on your fur baby that you'd
like to share, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact
June VanDemark and she will share your
information with the A and B family.  
Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
Gage Louie
"Cuddle-bug" Gage is now a "lap dog" Gage...  all 53 lbs of
him.  He just loves his daily lap time with either mommy or
is now quite a gentleman when he visits the dogtor's office
or the pet store.  He loves playing keep-away with his Irish
sister Susie, and they have a grand time together chasing
tennis balls and each other, barking, and giving play bows
every day.  It is so obvious that Gage loves his new
"Cuddle-bug" Gage is now a "lap dog" Gage...  all 53 lbs
sister, and Susie has warmed up to him quite nicely in quite
nicely in these past 5 months that he has been a part of
our of our family.  We couldn't have asked for a better
companion for our old little red girl.  Gage loves his squeaky
toys, the Kong and Nylabones, and his antics keep Susie
active and keep us all entertained.  Thanks, A&B, for saving
this precious spotted boy!
Daisy Minton
Daisy has been with us in NH since Feb 15. She is a very sweet
setter Yeti and really enjoys her walks and runs with him. We
have her in obedience classes and she is making progress. She
loves to get up on our laps for hugs! She has enjoyed
climbing the snowbanks and playing in the snow. The birds
here in New Hampshire are fun to watch and try and get! We
are very happy that we were able to adopt Daisy from her
foster Mom in North Carolina! Thank you A & B Rescue!  
Faith & David Minton
Lucky Thayer
Lucky came from FL last March to us in Vt  for fostering.
We failed fostering around the annual ES picnic last year.
He has settled in quite well here. All the doves in the yard
know Lucky quite well at day break and at dusk. He is
forever watchful of new additions to the flock and watches
the fly ways often.  Alan and MamieFurkids Chalupa, Mikey,
Lucky, Lizzie and the cats
Patch (Emily)
We adopted Emily, aka Patch right after New Years.
Emily/Patch came to us via KY Maggie who we felt akin
to as we have a couple of very elderly setters. I kept
looking at her and Sarge and I discussed taking on
another old setter when Lisa called and told us she had
hoping to find a birdy setter, he was even thinking of
buying a puppy in the spring. Well, thanks to Lisa's call
Patch came into our lives and she quickly became not
only Sarge's best friend but Tansy's as well. She and
Tansy share everything and play together all the time,
which sometimes makes it hard on Terrible, Tansy's
sister. Patch is perfect, except for one very major flaw
which we are working on fixing. She loves to chase
deer. Fortunately when the deer, (and the Turkey's)
come through our yard the invisible fence stops her
from her travels.  Because of how wonderful she is a
friend of mine, who just lost her lab, went to Lab
Rescue and adopted a young lab who is equally
marvelous. So, I guess you could say thanks to KY
Maggie two lost souls have found their furever homes.
Thanks to Lisa and Maggie!
Dogs in order left to right - Terrible, Tansy and Patch
Tucker Mazzarella
Tucker has been with us since the end of
July 2008. As you can see he's made
himself at home. Gets along great with
Chandler, our other ES. He still has alot of
puppy life in him, can spend hours
outside chasing leaves! And most of all,
he is our new alarm clock, gets us up
early every am, makes sure we're up and
ready! Thank you all for saving him!
Ray & Barbara Mazzarella
Remi Voulgaris
Remi is a very happy puppy who has
brought us plenty of joy.
Maggie Campbell
Maggie Mae, as I call her, came into my life
May 24th 2008.  Not much was known about
her previous life before A&B came to the
rescue.  I was told she was tied to the back
steps of a home and neighbors had finally
convinced the owners to put her up for
adoption. Maggie is a sweet dog who cuddles
at night, when my Gordon allows it and gets
along with other animals.  As long as they don’
t get too nosy and then she will warn them
sternly.  She loves people and gets along with
Sincerely, Neil Campbell
Thatcher Tillinghast
Nico, now Thatcher, was heading up to New
England to a foster family but she needed a week
B&B layover. I thought that would be fun to do,
well it was love at first sight. That was on Sunday
by Tuesday I had come to realize I didn't think I
could part with her. I let the great people at A&B
know the feelings I was having towards her and
realized I was in good company. I soon learned
that it is very common to fail what A&B calls
"Fostering 101". We are grateful to have her,
grateful to all the wonderful people at A&B with
special thanks to Jane, Anne and Gina. We are
continuing to transport dogs and when the time
comes that we can have another setter in the
household we may have to re-take that Fostering
101 course and make sure we get an F.
Disney McMullen
Disney McMullen is doing great!  We love
niche in our household.  She has 3 acres to
run around in during the day and a cozy
bed to sleep in at night.  I have included a
couple of pictures.  Thanks!  Mary Lou &
Steve McMullen
Sadie Flippen
We adopted Sadie (formerly Cyndi) in August
2008 and we enjoy her more every day.  She’s
fits in well with our family and gets along with our
many cats.  She enjoys her daily walks and loves
to chase the squirrels and birds in the back yard.  
She goes to “Doggy Day Care” once a week to
play with other dogs.  She likes everybody she
meets.  She is a happy dog that makes us laugh
all the time!
Jan and Don Flippen, Rome , GA
Henry "T" Thomas
It has been just over a year since we
picked up Henry "T" Thomas from Foster
Dad Dave in Pennsylvania & we couldn't
say the same! The 3 hour ride home
from Pennsylvania was a little tiring for
me since Henry insisted on riding in my
course, it was love at first sight course, it
was love at first sight for my for my
husband, Ed & I so the lap riding
husband, Ed & I so the lap riding was just
was just the beginning of the spoiling he
the beginning of the spoiling he has has
Thanks so much for helping Henry find
us.....he has brought such joy, love &
laughter to all of us!
Michele, Ed & Lucus Thomas
Flower Glowski
Flower has been with us for nine months now and
we have all settled in together.
Flower's favorite activity is going to the dog park.  
When we get ready to go, she does the setter
dance.  You can see the joy in her face and body
the whole time we are there.  Flower's hearing and
sight are fading slightly, but that doesn't slow her
down.  Everyone comments on the smile on her
face and her jaunty trot.
At home her favorite place is in my closet.  I finally
gave up and put a pillow in there for her.  If she isn't
under my feet, I know where to find her.
It's hard to say what Flower's earlier life was like, but
she has settled into a comfortable retirement.  We
are thrilled to have her with us.
Sadie is doing fine and really enjoys
our new backyard.  We have
moved to a house that is on 3
acres.  She spends hours outside
chasing birds and stalking insects
Winnie Archer
Winnie has been a wonderful addition to our
family. Winnie is an English Setter and
something else mix -- we were told Australian
Shepherd, but the vet thinks she's got some
Springer Spaniel in her. It doesn't matter, she is
a sweet girl who is very well-behaved and loves
to go on walks. We have taken her camping
and she really enjoys being in the woods,
chasing squirrels, etc. We just love her!
Ranger Hardy
Meet Ranger Hardy.  He's a one and a
half year old tri-color setter boy.  
Ranger loves best tackling his older
"brother" Merlin out in the yard and
chasing birds and squirrels.  At night, he
loves to settle down next to his
mommy and sitting as close as possible
to my face!  We adopted Ranger as a
puppy from a couple who were unable
to provide the kind of attention and
activity level that setters so often thrive
on.  He's been very happy this past
year and has settled down into an a
setter brother, and a persnickety
queenly cat!
"Emmaline" came to us a year ago from
Tennessee, having recently borne a litter of
pups, and presumed to be between two and
three years old.  Sweet and gentle from the
first day, she has developed more and more
personality and confidence and, finally, a sense
of fun.  She has learned to use her setter
"nose"  and has lots of places to use it.  She is
a wonderful watch dog as well. We have had a
number of great dogs through the years, but
she is the sweetest of all.  Our thanks to all the
wonderful people who found her, cared for
her, and allowed us to adopt her.
Millie Broadwin
Millie is yet another case of failing
fostering 101.  She is very
determined to be a part of the
pack; she enjoys her daily swims
and afternoon naps.
Gwynnie Bonnar
Here is a photo of our family with Gwynnie. We
weeks ago and she had a blast! We all love her
dearly, Digger included, and she fits right into our
little family! Thank you!
Lindsay and Kevin Bonnar
Teyha Semprevivo
This a recent picture of Suzy Q (now known
as Tey-ha).  She has become the love of my
life and she is with me 24/7.  She has done
basic and intermediate obedience and we are
now off to dog camp in Vermont in 10 days
to train her in agility and tracking as well as
sheep herding.  She is definitely not a beagle
mix but a Border Collie/English Pointer mix.  
She is extemely smart and dogs and people
just love her.  She is the star of my grooming
shop. The pic is of Teyha and her best friend
at the shop, Diesel.  she actually walks him on
his leash up and down the hall...
Kindest regards,
Janie Semprevivo
Riley Bay Eklund
We have had Riley Bay (Lilly A&B
name) for a month, and it looks like
she is here to stay. Thank you so
much for your wonderful org.  
Because her foster was also our
interviewer for the program, Riley Bay
never even made it to the website.
We adopted her quickly after she
came over for a visit.  Thanks and
God bless.  Deb and Carl