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Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.
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Dogs in
RED are Adoption Pending or recently Adopted.
To all A and B adopters.  This rescue cares about our dogs from the day we hear about
them needing help until their last day on this earth.  Because we care, we expect
every adopter to call us immediately to let us know that their English Setter has
escaped their clutches.  We can and want to help.  As an A and B adopter it is your
responsibility to make the phone call to someone on the contacts page and to send us
an e-mail, if you have a computer.  In most cases, with A and B's help, our English
Setters have been back in their homes within 30 minutes.  When a dog is lost time is of
the essence.  Please make a copy of the contacts page and tack it onto your fridge.
Female, 11 years
Female, 6 years
Please feel free to contact us with general questions about a dog's availability, the
application process or assistance with our on-line application at:  
The first group of dogs are those that are the responsibility of Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue.
All of our dogs are living in foster homes in states across the country. Often times a dog is not
geographically close to where an adopter lives. When possible, transport assistance is provided at no cost
to the adopter. Our transports are coordinated by the A&B Transport Team and driven by volunteers.

The second group are dogs we are posting as a Courtesy for another organization or private owner.  
Male, 4 years
Female, 4 Years
Sweet & Calm
Katie Belle
Female, 13 Years
Female, 3 Years
Female, 2 Years
Male, 2 Years
Male, 3 Years
Female, 7 1\2 Years
Male, 7 Years
Adoption Pending
Courtesy Posts
The dogs listed as Courtesy Posts below are not the sole responsibility of Above & Beyond (A&B) English Setter Rescue.  Some of these
dogs are in the care of another rescue group and we are giving them additional exposure.  Some may have been found as strays and are
with a foster who is not associated with A&B.  Others are being put up for adoption by their current owners.  
The amount of the adoption fees and terms of the agreement and may differ from A&B's.
Female, 3 Years
Female, 6 1/2 Years
Female, 7 Years
Adoption Pending
Female, 3 Months
Adoption Pending
Female, 3 Months
Adoption Pending
Male, 3 Months
Adoption Pending
Male, 8 Years
Male, 5 years
Male, 1 1/2 Years
Adoption Pending
Female, 3 Years
Adoption Pending