Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
Adoption and Foster Home Application
Application process:
We will check your vet records and/or personal references.
2. You will receive a phone call for an initial interview.  
3.  A home visit will be scheduled.

No one can speak for any dog until they are approved and spoken with the foster home.  Both foster home and applicant must agree to
the adoption. Our foster homes know the dogs and their needs best, therefore have the final decision as to who adopts their foster.
We do NOT hold dogs for anyone. We have had people who were disappointed that they did not get the dog they initially applied for,
but the ones who hung in there with us would not change a thing now that they have their A & B Dog.

Adoption fees:
Senior dogs, ages 7+ years: $250.00 sliding down as age increases.
Adult dogs, ages 1-6 years: $300.00
Puppies, up to 1 year: $395.00

We have made every attempt at keep our adoption fees low, despite the rising costs associated with spaying and neutering,
immunizations and other routine care.  In many cases, our adoption fee doesn't come close to the medical costs associated before an
adoption takes place.  We do feel however, that our adoption fee is still less than if the adopter had to pay these expenses out of their
1. You must be at least 21 years old to apply to adopt an A&B English Setter.
2. Proof of Annual heart worm testing and proof of heart worm preventative must be available either through receipts or
your vet's records for current and past dogs. (Unless not recommended by local vets)
3. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

There are times that, Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue may not be able to place a dog in states in the Western U.S. or to some
Canadian provinces. Those states would include Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah,  and Wyoming.  
However we request that you fill out our application in hopes that we may be able to place a dog in your area. If this is not the case we
will notify you within 48 hours.  Thank You
Personal Information
Is there a specific dog or dogs that you may interest you? If
so please specify their names
Applicant's Name:
Street Address
City, State and Zip
Email Address
Phone Number (required):
Preferred Phone to call and best time to contact you?
Your Employer Name, Occupation and Phone
Home Information
Spouse or Partner's Name
Spouse or Partner's Age
Employer and Phone Number
Do you own or rent your home. Renters we will ask
for a copy of your lease. If no lease, we will need to
speak with your landlord.
Please describe the area you live in.
Type of Area
Please list name, ages and relationships of all
members of your household that may be there
on a semi regular basis.
Do you have plans to move in the next year?
Even if you don't have plans at this time for moving in the future what
considerations would you make regarding your dog(s) and any other
pet's should you find yourself needing to move from where you now
Do you have a fenced yard? If Yes, please select your fence type.
If Other is selected, please elaborate.
If you don't have a fence, kennel or run how will
exercising/toileting be handled?
Current Pets.  Please include breed, sex and age.
Past pets. Please include breed and reason no longer in
household (died & cause, lost, given away, etc.):
How many years have you owned dogs and what do
you know about canine behavior?
Are your pets spayed or neutered?
Have you ever adopted a rescue dog before?
Have you ever turned a pet into a shelter or rescue? If so,
please indicate reasons why.
English Setter Breed and Care
What brought you to the English Setter Breed?
Do you prefer a male, female or no preference.
Do You have a color preference?
If you have more then one color preference, please
Do You have an age preference. If so what?
Activity Level Preference
Would you consider a special needs English Setter?
Would you consider a Senior English Setter?
Where will this English Setter sleep?
During a normal work or school day how many hours
will this English Setter be home alone?
Where will this English Setter be kept when no one is
Who will be the primary caretaker for this English Setter?
Have you ever taken a dog to obedience classes?
Do you plan on taking your English Setter to obedience classes?
Do you own a dog crate or have experience using one?
If you plan on having children in the future what will
you do with your English Setter?
What would make you return your adopted dog?
How did you find Above and Beyond ESR?
If you were referred to us, by whom?  If you found
us another way, please let us know.
Name and  Address of your PRIMARY Veterinarian.
Phone Number
Is the account listed under your name?
If no, who's name is it listed under?
How long have you been a client?
Please identify and provide contact information for any other veterinarians you have used for the past three years.
Phone Number
May we contact your Veterinarian? If No, Why?
Please contact your veterinarian to allow them to speak to us regarding the medical care for your pet(s).
Do you vaccinate at home or use alternative and/or holistic care?
If yes, please explain.
Do you administer heartworm preventative as required? Proof required from vet or mail order receipts.
If no, please explain.
List two references you have known for at least 3 years, Excluding Relatives and Veterinarian.
Reference #1:  Name, Address,
Phone Number & Email Address
Reference #2: Name, Address,
Phone Number & Email Address
Since we are looking for commitment in our adopters, how far are you willing to drive to pick up
your English Setter (hours or miles)?
Note we do not deliver our dogs to adopters.
Above & Beyond English Setter Group expects to interview every Potential Adopter, their references
and conduct a home visit.  Do you agree to all?
Please tell us why you think you
would be a good candidate to adopt
an English Setter from Above and
Beyond English Setter Rescue?
To all A and B adopters.  This rescue cares about our dogs from the day we hear about them needing help until
their last day on this earth.  Because we care, we expect every adopter to call us immediately to let us know that
their English Setter has escaped their clutches.  We can and want to help.  As an A and B adopter it is your
responsibility to make the phone call to someone on the contacts page and to send us an e-mail, if you have a
computer.  In most cases, with A and B's help, our English Setters have been back in their homes within 30
minutes.  When a dog is lost time is of the essence.  Please make a copy of the contacts page and tack it onto
your fridge.
My Family and I agree to accept these terms.  Please Initial.
Any dog adopted through Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue must be returned to
A&B. They cannot be transferred, without A&B's permission, to another person or rescue.
I agree by Initialing this line that typing my name is the same as signing your name to this legal document.
I give permission to Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue and its Agents to type my name to
this document, causing it to be the same as my legal signature on this document (Applicants Initials)
Financial and Physical Verification
I hereby certify that I am financially and physically able to care a Setter and for the bedding, toys, crate,
and so on which can be costly and I am able to meet these requirements. I further testify that I am
physically fit to provide all necessary activities with my dog. (Applicants Initials )
Permission to Investigate
By submitting this application to Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue I grant permission
to investigate my answers and to contact anyone I have listed. (Applicants Initials )
Signature (Please Type your Full Name.)
Signature is implied and assumed on e-mail & online Adoption Applications.
Printer Friendly Application
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Above and Beyond reserves the right to refuse any applicant or potential adopter, at any time, whom we feel not
be an appropriate home for an English Setter.

Before submitting your application be certain it is fully completed. If not, this could delay our ability to review it in a timely
manner.   Thank You.

Please print this page for your records before submitting your application
If you do not receive a call within 48 hours from our group, please e-mail our President, Alex Beswick. Her e-mail
address can be found on the
Contacts Page.
Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue is not affiliated with Above & Beyond Transports.