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Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
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The official registration and financial information of Above &
Beyond English Setter Rescue may be obtained from the
Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within
Pennsylvania,  (800) 732-0999.
Registration does not imply endorsement.
To all A and B adopters.  This rescue cares about our dogs from the day
we hear about them needing help until their last day on this earth.  
Because we care, we expect every adopter to call us immediately to let
us know that their English Setter has escaped their clutches.  We can
and want to help.  As an A and B adopter it is your responsibility to make
the phone call to someone on the contacts page and to send us an
e-mail, if you have a computer.  In most cases, with A and B's help, our
English Setters have been back in their homes within 30 minutes.  When
a dog is lost time is of the essence.  Please make a copy of the contacts
page and tack it onto your fridge.
Thank you Pedigree for recognizing A&B as a Rescue that cares and for the grant!

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Male,  2 Years
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My name is Whiskey, but my foster mom likes to whisper in my ear that my name is Wishes. When I was
rescued from abuse and neglect and taken to a shelter, where there is a gas chamber, everyone thought
I was about 12 years old because of the condition I was in. I was so lucky a wonderful person took me
from the shelter and more wonderful people took me on a long ride to my foster home. My foster mom
right away took me to a really nice veterinarian, who said I am actually a 5 year-young beautiful orange
and white speckled male setter. I behave really well in my foster home. I like to snuggle and nudge your
hand for head rubs. I am easy-going with foster brother dogs, cats and children. I will tell you a little
secret, though. I am a little intimidated by the cats; I try to walk around them if they are in the same
room. My foster mom laughs and says that is because in my world cats rule and dogs drool. I am a good
eater; and, even though I was seriously underweight when I arrived at my foster home, I have shown
no signs of food aggression. I don't even beg for food or counter surf. I am even housebroken. I am
good for the vet; I am good in the bathtub Not bad at all for a dog named Whiskey! - who wasn't
housebroken, was so malnourished that his blood work was abnormal, had a kidney infection and a
broken tail. What wasn't broken was my spirit. My spirit is strong and shines brightly. I trust and love
unconditionally despite being seized from an abusive and neglectful situation.

Please Click on my Pictures to read my full story.
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