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Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue
A non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) organization
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The official registration and financial information of Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue may be obtained from the Pennsylvania
Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania,  (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.
To all A and B adopters.  This rescue cares about our dogs from the day we hear about them needing help until
their last day on this earth.  Because we care, we expect every adopter to call us immediately to let us know that
their English Setter has escaped their clutches.  We can and want to help.  As an A and B adopter it is your
responsibility to make the phone call to someone on the contacts page and to send us an e-mail, if you have a
computer.  In most cases, with A and B's help, our English Setters have been back in their homes within 30
minutes.  When a dog is lost time is of the essence.  Please make a copy of the contacts page and tack it onto
your fridge.
Thank you Pedigree
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Effective March 1, 2014,
"Above and Beyond Transports" is no longer affiliated with Above & Beyond English Setter
"Above and Beyond Transports" is not covered under Above and Beyond English Setter
Rescue's insurance nor its 501(c)3 registration
All of Above and Beyond English Setter Rescue's transports are coordinated
directly through our Transport Coordinator, Jennifer Cloherty.
We are also offering custom calendars - send us your personal 14 favorite photos and we'll make a calendar just for
you.  Because of the time/expense involved minimum order is 3 calendars.  The 3 calendars can be a mix of custom
and rescue as long as quantity is at least 3 calendars.
We all love our Setters and each one is a Star in our own eyes.  The fans have voted for their favorite Stars!  The 12
favorite Stars will receive a larger picture in our 2016 calendar and the top Fan Favorite will be on the coveted
Calendar Cover spot!   
But this has been much more than a fun  Calendar Contest.   It’s been an opportunity to promote the rescue and raise
some much needed funds for our dogs.  These are the real lifetime dramas of setters in need who depend on our help
to have a chance at a real  life in a forever home!  Many  dogs come to us abused and neglected with significant
medical needs.  
Thank you for voting! We have surpassed last year's total! The funds raised through this calendar contest
will go towards the  medical help our foster dogs need.
This is the real Star  Power!
The Star Search Calendar Cover Winner is...Georgie!
To see Georgie and the other 12 star search winners,
order a

2016  Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue Calendar
Each calendar is $20.00.  Shipping is $5 for up to 3
calendars.  Any quantity above 3 ships for $10.  Mail your
payment/order to Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue
60 Molleystown Rd  
Pine Grove, Pa 17963.
Our adoption fees in most cases do not cover the funds we have spent on dogs in Above & Beyond
Englsih Setter Rescue's care. Some care far exceeds mulitple adoption fees.

Our rescue can only survive through the kindness of our volunteers and donors & sponsors.

Thank you your your support
Magnificent Margo's story will break your heart....

Margo is a sweet 6-12 month old setter mix who found herself in a Florida
shelter with a badly atrophied hind end and a left rear leg that was
hanging limp and useless. She was riddled with bite wounds that were
badly infected.  The vets who have seen her think that she was probably
hit by a car months ago and never treated. The folks at the shelter were
told that she was being used as a bait dog by a horrible human to test
which puppies he wanted to fight.

Despite all the horror she has suffered, Margo is the sweetest, most
loving, and affectionate girl you could ever meet. She is truly a lesson in
love and forgiveness. At the shelter, Margo was friendly with all the other
dogs she met, and even let the kittens climb all over her. She has loved
and given kisses to every person she meets - young and old alike.

Margo is now safely settled into her foster home
and is healing well from the numerous bite wounds, but she still has a
long road ahead of her.....  X-rays revealed that she had mutliple
fractures in her leg, and the head of her femur has broken off and started
scarring in a bad position that is causing her constant pain.  Margo has
had her operation to fix her injuries and all is going well for her.

We expect her care including pretesting/exams, surgery, and rehab to
soar to about $4000.00 Every donation will help pay for much needed
care. Every penny will go toward that cause.  Please help this wonderful
girl live the long and healthy life she deserves!!  Donations are tax
deductible and we will send you a tax receipt.
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Margo Fund
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Margo Fund
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60 Molleystown Rd.
Pinegrove, PA 17963
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Donate below to
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